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 What do you write?

Primarily I write content for video games, but I also write role-playing games and short fiction. I tend to write horror, but I’ve also written fantasy, sci-fi, and drama.

Why do you write?

I have been a writer for nearly thirty years, since I was 10. It’s such a part of who I am that it would be hard to stop writing. Even when I was on a vacation with my wife in Mexico, after two days I was jotting down notes for a story idea.

Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere, but that’s not a helpful answer. I do a lot of reading of random, interesting things, as well as watching the world around me. Everything from people on a commuter train to the links on my Facebook feed act as inspiration. All it takes is looking around and asking “what if?”

Do your ideas come to you fully realized or are they mere pinpricks of light that you have to massage into fully realized thoughts?

They are almost never fully realized — most of the good ideas take work and effort to bring into being.

Do you dive right into a story without much thought or do you format a plan, outline, and then flesh it out?

I am a constant outliner. I don’t outline the whole project in detail, but I do outline enough to get a sense of what’s coming next. To me, it’s like trying to plan a car trip without a map or GPS: sure, the scenery is pretty, but you probably won’t get anywhere.

How long does it take from first idea to finished product?

Depends on the length of the project. Once I went from initial idea to final project in a day, and other times it’s been years. Most of my work is to a deadline, so the answer is “whenever the deadline is due.” I usually try to allot half of my writing time to revision.

How many people do you have read and comment on your writing before you feel it’s ready?

That depends. I always work with an editor, so that person at least reads and comments. Sometimes I try to get more people involved, but training people to comment constructively takes time.

What’s the most work you’ve ever put into a writing project?

Vampire: The Masquerade. I worked on the 20th Anniversary Edition, which was over 300,000 words long. I didn’t write every single word (I worked with a few other writers), but I’m pretty confident that I wrote or rewrote most of those words.

Is writing easy for you, or hard? Does it ever get easier?

It is hard. It doesn’t get easier, nor should it. It’s a lot like exercise: if it’s getting easy, you should push yourself further until it’s hard again. That’s how you know it’s working.

What is your favorite secret about writing?

Read what you write out loud. The average reader is actually saying the words in her head as she reads, so if you read your own work out loud, you’ll catch clumsy constructions much easier, and get closer to the average reading experience.

Do you have a writing routine? Please describe it.

Not really. Between my day job and writing freelance in the evenings and on weekends, I work whenever I can. If anything, I rotate through a few different routines (work with music, work without music, work in crowded spaces, work alone) to find whatever works for me at the moment. The only constant I’ve found is that I generally seem to write a little easier early in the morning.

Describe your writing space? What does it reflect about you or your process?

Whatever has keys and the ability to save words. I’ve written on my laptop on the couch, on a wireless keyboard with my iPad, on my computer at work, and even on my phone when I was really desperate to get an idea down.


Eddy Webb (with a “y,” thank you) is an award-winning writer and game designer. Hired on with CCP in late 2007, he has worked on over 100 products, including acting as Lead Developer for Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition. Today he designs content for the upcoming World of Darkness MMO, as well as continuing to crank out freelance words as long as people keep paying him. He lives a sitcom life with his wife, his roommate, a supervillain cat, and two affably stupid pugs. His website is

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