The Tragic Death of Console Gaming?

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I found this interesting opinion piece about why console gaming is dying. I am not much of a console gamer and never have been (which makes me part of the problem, I guess) but even I can see that; I never hear about XBox or Wii games from friends anymore, they’re all playing PC games and MMOs. Personally, our Wii is almost exclusively to stream Netflix to our TV. Even stuff like the Kinect isn’t prevalent among our friends, even the most game tech-savvy ones.

Part of it is that there rarely seem to be any new games out for consoles; they’re all in a series. And as the article points out, graphics are about as good as they ever going to get (and still remain on a screen and not pumped directly into our brains), so the promise of better graphics isn’t fooling anyone anymore.

These days the kids are used ti having handhelds they can tote everywhere, and games in seconds on their smart phones. The people who are used to console gaming are those of us who grew up with it, and well, we’re getting old. We have jobs and kids and don’t have time to devote entire weekends to beating Final Fantasy Whatever They’re on Now. Super Mario World, once you get started, demands you play for hours. Hours we old people don’t have anymore.

That’s my thought, but I’m not much into video games. What do our G&G video game devotees think?



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  • edmcw


    It’s quite possible that console gaming has peaked, but I always find the perennial assertion that graphics have gotten as good as they’re going to get kind of ridiculous.  ‘Graphics’ isn’t just about how real we can make the models look for a few guys, or how well we can light them, it’s also about how well they’re animated, how much we have happening on screen at the same time, and other factors.  Indirectly, it’s also about how well all of those models interact with each other.  A lot of the further improvements in graphics are inextricably intertwined with actual gameplay,  physics and other simulative elements, but there’s still immense room for improvement there.
    I think the primary reasons that the console as a dedicated game-playing device is in decline are the rise of tablet/phone casual gaming, and the fact that the perennially forecasted death of PC gaming has proved to be a mirage.  The birth of online services like steam,, and the headlong endless rush of commoditization for PC hardware has eliminated most of the advantages consoles had.  PC games just work now, and are viable on a huge swath of the PC hardware out there.  A huge percentage of console games are now available day & date on the PC, and often play better there.
    Of course, the PC has become so competitive in part because of the prolonged life cycle of the current console generation.  The Xbox will be 7 years old in a few days.  It’s a technology dinosaur at this point.  Nothing absolutely precludes amazing things happening on the next generation machines, though I fear that the attendant massive increase in cost to do those amazing things may sharply curtail how much ambition we see from next gen developers.


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