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Yellow Menace Podcast Episode 25 – Irma Vep

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This week we take a look at the (already) lagging sales of the newly-released Playstation Vita, pimp a great new Kickstarter, and review Olivier Assayas’ 1995 indie flick Irma Vep – which may seem off-topic…but features the legendary Maggie Cheung as herself. The verdict: three ups and one big down. Show Notes Playstation Vita sales […]

pale flower

Yellow Menace Podcast Epsiode 21 – Studio Ghibli’s ‘Bamboo Curtain’, Bad News For the Yakuza, and Pale Flower

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Another long, rambly talk this week – but it’s a good kind of ramble where you end up in fun, unexpected places. Clyde brings us a news item regarding Hayao Miyazaki’s hiring practices, Ed wants to talk about legal problems for the Yakuza, and I make everyone watch a pretentious Japanese art film. Pretty sure […]


Yellow Menace Podcast Episode 14 – The Good, The Bad, The Weird

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We’re back in black on this week’s podcast, featuring a discussion of Kim Ji-Woon’s The Good, The Bad, The Weird. Ed and Jay help me pick apart this minor masterpiece of Korean cinema. Can we successfully purge ourselves of the lingering spirit of Devil’s Dynamite? Listen and find out! Show Notes China’s ‘Go-To’ Typical American […]

Welcome to My Brain

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So, I had the most fucked-up dream last night. There were a lot of crazy elements, but I only remember two: I made out with Lance Henrikson, but he wasn’t Lance Henrikson, he was Frank Black from Millennium (which I watched for a couple seasons but it never made any sense, so I quit). Musashi […]

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Yellow Menace Podcast Episode 15 – RoboGeisha

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This week we welcome a special guest-host, Theory From the Closet host Clyde Rhoer!  While Clyde is primarily known as an RPG podcaster, he’s also something of a Japanophile and offered to help us pick apart Noboru Iguchi’s 2009 gonzo flick RoboGeisha. We also discuss the latest news about the FUNimation 1337 lawsuit, FUNimation’s current […]


Yellow Menace Podcast Episode 12 – Tetsuo: The Iron Man

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Patricia, Ed, and myself finally get around to chatting about Shinya Tsukamoto’s ultra violent techno-fetishist cult classic Tetsuo: The Iron Man! Also – is Amy Chua completely nuts? And Just how fucked is the Japanese videogame industry? Answers lie within! Show Notes Tetsuo: The Iron Man at the IMDB Tetsuo: The Iron Man at Wikipedia […]


What Are You Doing Next Weekend?

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So, you might remember that we mentioned local con Sugoicon in the last podcast. Specifically, we’re going to be there- at least, Shapiro Keats and Musashi and I are, and maybe Mazinga will drop by and also Ed, but probably just to make fun of us (I don’t know if Ed’s wife will come, but […]


Yellow Menace Podcast: Episode 10 – The Yakuza

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10101010…it’s our special Binary Day episode! It was also 42 day, given that 101010 is binary for ’42′. No Vogon constructor fleets showed up, however…which is fortunate for all of us. Patricia demanded discussions about Tony Jaa and Kim Jong-un, and we delivered. There was brief mention of the 2010 Yellow Menace World Tour (actually, […]