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You can’t buy an Xbox 360 in the country in which it was manufactured

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Did you know videogame consoles are illegal in China? I didn’t; Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft explains why. “Consoles have been banned in China since the year 2000,” Lisa Hanson from market researcher Niko Partners tells Kotaku. “The government thought that was the best way to protect Chinese youth from wasting their minds on video games, after […]


Off-Topic: ‘Does that zombie have pants?’

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Last week I took advantage of Target’s price-drop on Left4Dead 2 – in case you’re one of the few who haven’t picked it up, I heartily recommend it. One of the unexpected benefits of this purchase, aside from lots of awesome zombie-slayage, is that it has subsequently led to some really awesome father/son videogame bonding. […]

Xbox 360 #3 – R.I.P.

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Saturday morning I plopped down on the couch hoping for a quick fix of Fable II. I was a little chuffed when the game froze seconds after I materialized on Knothole Island. I was even more chuffed when I re-booted the console, only to be greeted with the infamous Red Ring of Death. I dragged […]


Netflix + Xbox 360 = drool

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Yippee…! Last night I booted up my Xbox 360 to play a little Far Cry 2 and was pleasantly surprised to see my old 360 dashboard morph into the much touted New Xbox Experience, 1full day before the expected launch date. As it turns out – everyone who signed up for the beta program, and […]

Ten cool things to instantly watch on Netflix

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Ever since Netflix dropped onto the Xbox 360, I’ve been streaming video like a smack addict who just stumbled onto a warehouse full of China White. The offerings were a little paltry in the first month or so, but nearly a year later the service has really stepped up its’ game. If you’re looking for […]

'Dragonball-Z: Burst Limit' has 0wnz0red my ass…

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I don’t really care much for Dragonball-Z. I don’t dislike it, but it’s really never done much for me either. So it was curiosity of the merest kind that made me download the Xbox 360 demo for the new Dragonball-Z game Burst Limit. There was a tinge of double-trepidation here – in addition to not […]