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Creepiest Game Ever

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Say you’re a teenage boy and you are swept to another world that you have to save from some sort of menace. Sounds pretty sweet, huh? And then you find out you have to bang 12 cute mystical girls. Awesome! And also you have to get them knocked up so your magic children can help […]

>swerve< AAAAAAH!

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While this is pretty funny, and a creative way to stick it to The Man for being too lazy to fix a simple missing manhole cover, I think it might be more dangerous than the missing cover. Just imagine, you’re driving down the highway, see this giant green hand rise out of the concrete before […]


For All the CatGirls

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All right, all you slutty little catgirl kawai neko wannabes, here’s your chance to be really freaky. Cat Ears. For Real. I always wondered if those extra ears were functional. Now I know: they’re useless for conducting sound, but you can twitch them around and stuff. I would only wear them f I could always […]

Rock Out With Your…Whatever, Out

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Shapiro Keats is learning to play the bass, so he’s been frequenting a message board for other bass players. One of the bassists, a guy from Japan, posted this video of himself rocking out. Rock Out with Your…Whatever Unsurprisingly, the thread concentrated less on his bass skills (which are considerable, according to the Husband; I […]

Asian culture links from MeFi

Written by Mazinga on . Posted in Film, News of the World

MetaFilter recently had a couple of cool links on Asian pop culture topics. A discussion of Japanese director Seijun Suzuki (Branded to Kill) Visual Kei band X Japan embarks on first-ever US tour An awesome gallery of posters using pop culture images (Superman, Marilyn Monroe) to promote manners on public transit Share and Enjoy!

Ch-ch-chia Undies!

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Just think- that lady to the right could be putting her knockers to good use and wear a bra that grows rice! Only in Japan Apparently urban farming is the big thing among Japanese hipsters, so this company made urban farms portable. But: However, greenfingered Japanese women will not get the chance to grow their […]


Kit Kat Weirdness

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The Japanese like weird flavors in candy. Like beer candy. I wasn’t brave enough to try that shit when we were in Japan. I don’t even like regular beer, how much worse can beer candy be? Crazy Kit Kat Flavors I’ve actually tried Green Tea Kit Kat, and it’s not bad. And Cantelope Kit Kat, […]


JAL stewardess uniforms feared hot item on black market

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Already engaged in a struggle to emerge from bankruptcy, Japan Air Lines is now engaged in a fight of a different sort: Keeping the stylish outfits of laid-off flight attendants off the black market and out of the hands of uniform fetishists. A jacket alone can fetch several hundred pounds, while one site is presently […]

Mongolian UFO?

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Two strange objects have reportedly crashed in  Nowhere, Mongolia. Might be UFOs, might be jet engine parts. But if that’s the case, what happens to a jet when its engine falls out? Wouldn’t the crew have noticed they no longer had an engine? Mongolian UFO I think it’s probably a UFO. There is a large […]

The Roof is on Fire? WASABI!

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Like deaf people don’t have it hard enough, now their smoke alarms blast them in the face with wasabi when there’s a fire. Yuck Now, you need an alternative way to alert people if they can’t hear the alarm, but it doesn’t help if their eyes are watering so badly they can’t see the exit […]