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Second person dies in Indy swordfight

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A second individual has died as a result of the recent sword duel in Indianapolis that previously claimed the life of a 77-year-old woman.   Police say an autopsy determined Stegbauer died of complications from a stab wound and that his death was ruled a homicide. Authorities said Stegbauer’s sister-in-law, 77-year-old Franziska Stegbauer, was fatally […]

Christopher Rondeau

Indianapolis woman killed while intervening in katana fight

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Yes, you read that right. A 77-year-old  Indianapolis woman was slain early Thursday morning trying to stop her grandson,  Christopher Rondeau, and another man from killing each other in a sword duel. The police report was unclear whether Franziska Stegbauer was stabbed or died of a heart attack in the incident. One of the swords being […]


Things That Want to Eat You: Anteaters?!

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Just kidding. Anteaters don’t actually want to eat you- they want to eat delicious ants. But they are sensitive to noise, it seems: Anteaters on Vacation It’s nice that the zookeepers sent them away to avoid the disturbance. Though I’m sure the two people who died in the clash don’t care so much about that. […]