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No more shock treatment for Chinese net junkies

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China has vowed to cease administering shock therapy to citizens who have a problem staying off the internet, claiming there was ‘no evidence’ that the practice was effective. Might have been helpful to determine this beforehand, eh? The ministry said in a statement posted on its Web site late Monday there is no domestic or […]

Screw your iPhone 3Gs, my phone runs XP!

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I don’t own an iPhone, although after misplacing my car last weekend (don’t ask) I’m tempted to pick one up, or at least a phone with GPS. Then again, why bother with Apple’s shiny 23rd century tech when I can rock it like it’s 2002! The xpPhone, from Chinese firm In Technology, sports a 800 […]

China to Chinese citizens: 'Please feel free to censor yourselves…'

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The ping-pong match between Chinese authorities and free-speech n’er-do-wells continues as China now claims that censorship web-filtering apps will not be forcibly activated, but will be shipped gratis with all new computers sold on the mainland. That way, users can keep the bad internets at bay voluntarily. Although the government says the software is aimed […]

Forget Al-Qaida, 4-Chan is the real terrorist threat…

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Boing Boing pointed to a screamingly funny, hyperbolic article over at Fox news about internet meme factory 4Chan – which if you buy Fox’s take is the internet equivalent of Cobra, from G.I. Joe…only run by unruly teenagers. I’m always amused by the reaction of mainstream media when they turn over a rock and find […]

Variety Asia goes bye-bye

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I just hopped over to Variety Asia to see if there was anything worth blogging and to my surprise I was re-directed to the main Variety homepage. At first I thought that I had entered the wrong URL, but now Twitch is saying that Variety Asia editor Patrik Frater and web guy Marcus Lim have […]

New 'Sex and Zen' will be in 3D

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Fans of the somewhat dormant Sex and Zen series will be pleased to hear that the new installment will utilize 3D technology…which will no doubt lead to some pretty interesting horse-penis hijinks. Producer Stephen Shiu Jnr, chair of One Dollar Production, says his company will make “3D sex and Zen,” a sequel to the 1991 […]

China hates pr0n – and uppity citizens

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I read this piece over at MSNBC on Friday, but didn’t have time to properly blog it until today – apparently China has been using pornography (or, what they consider to be potentially salacious material, at any rate) as an excuse to bust heads amongst China’s uppity internet community. In some cases cracking down on […]

$44 million dollar airport security system defeated with tape

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A South Korean woman previously deported from Japan was found to have passed through a biometric fingerprint identification system sometime last year, according to Japanese authorities – her method of fooling the system was decidedly low-tech. Reportedly she used fake fingerprints affixed to ‘special tape’ – a method deemed workable on a recent episode of […]

Canadian man inspired by anime to create hot helper-bot

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Le Trung of Toronto, inspired by anime, has built an android to assist the elderly. Dubbed Aiko, the bot is currently more of an anthropomorphic reminder-device, telling its’ users when to take meds for instance, but Trung hopes that Aiko will one day be able to move about. Which is good, because Aiko looks eerily […]

Japanese fansubber gets prison sentence

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Film pirate Kazushi Hirata recieved a two-year prison sentence for uploading a bootlegged (and self-fansubbed) copy of Wanted to a P2P network. Really? Wanted? Damn, son – if you’re going to give up two years of your life, at least do it for something worth watching. The Japan and Intl. Motion Picture Copyright Assn. (Jimca) […]

Foot-massager kills three

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I used to say that I’d hate to be the guy in Heaven who got there because he stepped on a rake. I think I found a new low – the guy who was strangled by his foot-massager. Saitama-based Matoba Electric Manufacturing Co. said the three died when their clothing got caught in the rollers. […]