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North Korean leader Kim Jong-il visits the newly built Seojung middle school at Rakwon county

North Korea Tweets

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Our favorite despotic dictatorship, North Korea, is now on Twitter. I’m not sure how North Korea plans to use it’s newly found communicative ability, but I can’t wait to hit the ‘Follow’ button. I bet all kinds of crazy Tweets are in our future – except I don’t read Korean, so that might be a […]


Miyazaki is a luddite

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Famed animator Hayao Miyazaki is an Old Guy. And you know what that means! He’s old-timey and hates newfangled gadgets, like computers and TV’s. And what does he compare the iPad to? Jerking off! That’s right – to Hayao Miyazaki, all you people out there stroking your lap-tablets are just playing with yourselves! In an […]


Apparently, working at Foxconn IS suicide.

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Another day, another dead Foxconn employee. Except this one didn’t take his own life – unless you consider working for Foxconn itself to be a suicidal act. Foxconn Employee Dies After 34-Hour Shift Yes – 34 hours on the clock. That’s the work schedule 28-year-old Yan Li was on when he croaked, presumably from being […]

Steve Jobs is Willy Wonka

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Watching this recent iPhone ‘unveiling’ in Vietnam, and reading this subsequent post at Wired about Apple’s obsession with security, it suddenly dawned on me – Steve Jobs is Willy Wonka. All the security measures and secrecy implemented by Apple remind me of nothing less than Wonka’s obsessive protection of his own iPhone, the Everlasting Gobstopper. […]

Just 'cause I can…

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I’ll probably never bother with this again, but I’m amused to be posting this on my iPod from the IHOP in Kenwood, Ohio. Frankly, typing on this thing is a bit of a pain but you do get used to it. Makes me think about picking up an iPad… And now that I’ve used my […]

AT&T picks fight with 4chan – this will not end well

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AT&T has placed itself in the dubious position of policing net traffic to 4chan’s infamous /b/ message board. Why they did so is predictable, but I’m amazed on two fronts: one, that they would place themselves in a position to censor net traffic and two, fucking with 4chan – possibly the largest hornet’s nest on […]


Missing iPhone prototype leads to suicide

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An engineer working at a factory in Shenzen, China committed suicide last week after a prototype iPhone he was responsible for went missing. The Southern Metropolis Daily newspaper said Sun — responsible for sending iPhone prototypes to Apple — noticed he was missing one of the 16 units he received on July 9. He reported […]