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Kitty Punisher

Hello Kitty Invades All Geek Culture

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If you’ve looked at this blog for more than 2 days in a row, you have probably learned that I am a Hello Kitty freak, but I try not to let anyone know it. Now artist Joseph Senior has given me an out: Hello Everyone! I can just say, “I didn’t buy it for Hello […]

Versions of Supers: Using Heroclix in the Classroom

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     TEACHERS: STEAL MY PPT PRESENTATION BELOW.      As I write this post, I am in the middle of grading the essays to which it refers.  I suppose this post is an example of noble procrastination.      One of the thematic units that my textbook prescribes is about HEROES.  That, of course, means that at some point […]


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     Heroes and heroism is a common thematic unit in high school and middle school English classes.  Students are exposed to the exploits of Beowulf and Odysseus and Arthur.  Some teachers see this as a great opportunity to compare and contrast these heroes with famous heroes of comic books.  If this is the case with […]

Gen Con Indy 2009: Interview with Cryptic Studios' Bill Roper – Champions Online

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I had to switch to Vimeo for this one, since YouTube doesn’t like videos over 10 minutes in length (boo!). At any rate, we also spoke with Cryptic Studios’ Bill Roper about Champions Online. In short – the game looks fantastic. The character creator (which you will see plenty of in the below video) is […]

Spider-man Saves Thai Kid

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In Thailand, an autistic kid climbed out onto a third-story window ledge on the first day at his new school (I bet his parents are really eager to send him for a second day, now), only to be rescued by….SPIDER-MAN! BBC Article A fireman dressed as the kid’s favorite superhero coaxed him down rom the […]

'Wolverine' sequel heads East?

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X-Men / Wolverine star Hugh Jackman (and Sexiest Man Alive, apparently) was blabbering to MTV and made some off-hand comments regarding the setting of a possible Wolverine sequel. “The most intriguing thing to me was the Japan story. I love the Japan story. I wanted to do the Japan story from around X-Men 2.” He […]