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Buttered Bridge in China

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Wow. Apparently one particular bridge in Guangzhou is so popular for suicides that officials got sick of the traffic jams they constantly caused. They tried everything to deter the despairing, but nothing worked. Until someone came up with the ingenious idea of smearing the bridge with butter so no one could climb up. It’s Like […]


Missing iPhone prototype leads to suicide

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An engineer working at a factory in Shenzen, China committed suicide last week after a prototype iPhone he was responsible for went missing. The Southern Metropolis Daily newspaper said Sun — responsible for sending iPhone prototypes to Apple — noticed he was missing one of the 16 units he received on July 9. He reported […]

Suicide Forest in Japan

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This is weird and sad at the same time. A lovely forest at the foot of Mount Fuji has become a popular spot…not for romantic walks or picnics, but for killing oneself. CNN Article In an attempt to stem the tide of self-destruction, roving counselors now hike around the woods, trying to talk people out […]


'Suicide-rabbit' comic prompts ban in China

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Golly gee willikers! A rash of underage suicides has moved a Shanghai bookstore to ban the comic believed to be the source of inspiration. ‘The Rabbit Who Wanted to Kill Itself‘ (shouldn’t that be ‘The Rabbit Which Wanted to Kill Itself‘, since ‘itself’ implies non-personhood? Sorry…) reportedly prompted a slew of teen suicides, as well […]

Suicide rate on the rise in South Korea

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If you’d asked me five minutes ago which Asian country has the highest suicide rate per 10,000 people – between Japan and South Korea, I’d have said Japan…and as usual, I’d have been wrong. Nope, the winner of the Suicide Rate Sweepstakes does in fact go to South Korea. I am called to wonder what […]

Yet another hydrogen sulfide suicide prompts evacuation

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Man, if this keeps up there won’t be enough Japanese people left to supply the West’s insatiable appetite for sushi and anime. Japanese police evacuated 34 people from an apartment building Wednesday after a man apparently killed himself by mixing chemicals and inhaling the deadly fumes, the latest in a string of similar suicides nationwide. […]

The Anti-Suicide Cowboy

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Lately there’s been a lot of coverage of suicides in Japan; from suicide pacts to tons of people getting sick from detergent-suicides. Well, here is some happy news: Paul Touten wants to save Japan’s victims of depression, and he will dress up like a cartoon cowboy and sing songs to do it! Go Paul!