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Crazy News Roundup

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So much weird crap happened this week that just thinking about posting all of it made my head ache. So here is a roundup of strange news from the past few days. North Korea’s Awesome Hotel (awesome from the outside, anyhow) North Korea has been oddly quiet lately. Just when I was beginning to think […]


Insert Dead Baby Joke Here

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So…in South Korea, people eat babies. Bits of them at least, tucked into little capsules like a pill. Now, I’ve seen enough Asian horror films to know that in Asia, all kinds of things have been done to babies for supernatural/healing reasons. But I thought all that was way back in the day. Surely modern […]


South Korean Robot Prison Guards!

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South Koreans are apparently testing out some new technology: robot guards in prisons. Robo-Guard The robots patrol the cell blocks autonomously, and are equipped with cameras so a guard can see what’s going on. They also have microphones and speakers so the inmates can communicate with the guard on duty. Supposedly this will save money. […]


DVD Review: The King and the Clown

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The King and the Clown bears a strong resemblance to the Hong Kong movie Farewell, My Concubine. Both feature a pair of performers, one of whom always plays female roles. Each of the more feminine men is gay and in love with his partner. In both films the performers are threatened with destruction by powers […]


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“Hey AnaKhouri, you’re all into Asian stuff. Have you ever tried acupuncture.” No, no I have not. And this is why: LungNeedles! Seriously, if an acupuncturist is going to be that sloppy with the South Korean president, how careful are they going to be around me?? (unless this was an elaborate failed North Korean plot […]


South Korea not interested in Starcraft II

Written by Musashi on . Posted in Video Games

Unlike South Korea, I loathe Starcraft. Starcraft isn’t a wargame – it’s an economics sim. In my opinion, when you’re spending more time sweating over build-orders than the morale of your troops, you’ve done something wrong. But we do have one thing in common. Neither myself nor South Korea give a crap about Starcraft II […]

Robots Want to Turn Your Children Against You

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I talk about my obsession with the coming Machine Wars here sometimes. I really think about them more than the average person, I bet, but that just means I will be better prepared to resist the robot uprising. Which is why I am going to homeschool my son Gohan, in order to protect him from […]


Miracles (or Fraud) in the Koreas

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A guy in South Korea has been arrested after he sold a gadget that he claimed made tap water into holy water with healing properties. Holy Crap Why would you need a evice to make holy water? The pope can make it just by waving his hands around and saying stuff. Or maybe you could […]

The Fabulous YM Update Post

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Here are updates on a couple stories we’ve reported” The Japanese PM’s atrocious fashion sense has inspired a company to start selling this replica of his awful primary-colored shirt with black checks. Only $500 a pop, folks, so get them while you can! And these worthless wastes of space have been sentenced for letting their […]


Just how tough is North Korea, anyway?

Written by Musashi on . Posted in News of the World

I should preface this by saying that I am no expert in foreign relations; my only experience in that field is occasionally shooting up people from the U.K. in Modern Warfare 2 Xbox Live matches (well, and calling my relatives on the other side of the planet every once in a while). With tensions rising […]