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For All the CatGirls

Written by AnaKhouri on . Posted in WTF

All right, all you slutty little catgirl kawai neko wannabes, here’s your chance to be really freaky. Cat Ears. For Real. I always wondered if those extra ears were functional. Now I know: they’re useless for conducting sound, but you can twitch them around and stuff. I would only wear them f I could always […]


Japanese eggheads to clone mammoth

Written by Musashi on . Posted in News of the World

Japanese scientists at Kyoto University plan to have a fully functional mammoth up and running within 5 years. Those things don’t eat meat, do they? Just sayin’… For the cloning to go forward, Dr. Iritani will need a number of relatively hard-to-get things. First and foremost, he’ll need a piece of frozen mammoth tissue at […]


MSG: Nutritional nuisance or good eats?

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My wife swears that MSG gives her headaches. Frankly, my wife gives me headaches when she starts whining about the level of MSG in her Chinese food…because for all the noise generated about MSG’s supposedly harmful effects, nobody has been able to definitively determine that MSG – eaten in normal amounts – causes any physiological […]


Radiation spike confirms North Korean nuclear fusion claims?

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Increased radiation levels detected by South Korean researchers lent a smidge of evidence to North Korea’s claim to have made a breakthrough in nuclear fusion technology. I say a smidge, because nuclear fusion is something of a holy grail for energy researchers – a viable nuclear fusion reactor would create tremendous amounts of energy at […]

Giant freaking lizard species discovered in Philippines

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Biologists have located a species of monitor lizard on Luzon in the Philippines. Dubbed ‘Varanus bitatawa’, the critter sports gold spots and is apparently a vegetarian. Yeah, I was disappointed when I heard that last bit too…though probably not as disappointed as Roger Corman. The Agta and Ilongot tribes call the reptile “bitatawa,” which the […]

Miniature T-Rex unearthed in China

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My son will be thrilled when he hears about this – a team of paleontologists have discovered the T-Rex ‘missing link’, a 125-million-year-old miniature dino now dubbed ‘Raptorex kriegsteini’. Of course – ‘miniature’ in this case still equates to a 10-foot-long lizard armed with razor-sharp teeth. The really exciting thing about this find is that […]


Metalhead Monkeys

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So someone gave us this little Fisher-Price mirror for Gohan that plays music. The music is nursery-rhyme stuff, and the tones are pretty damn strident, so I only turned it on once. And it drove our cat batshit insane. She attacked the mirror, claws out, fangs bared. I have no idea why; maybe the awful […]


Longest solar eclipse this century visible in Asia

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Wednesday marks the longest solar eclipse of the 21st century when a large swathe of Asia, including parts of China and Japan, will be without sunlight for over 5 minutes. The eclipse will appear first at dawn in India’s Gulf of Khambhat just north of of Mumbai. It will move east across India, Nepal, Myanmar, […]

Korea deploys clones to fight drug war

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…well, cloned dogs, actually. Incheon International Airport is now home to six cloned drug-sniffing dogs; their genetic stock was culled from a cham-peen Canadian narco-hound, and Korean fuzz claims that they all have their predecessors talents. “They showed better performances in detecting illegal drugs during the training than other naturally born sniffer dogs that we […]

Chinese dust cloud circumnavigates Earth in two weeks

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Japanese eggheads have determined that a 2007 dust storm that sprang up in China circled the globe in a mere 13 days – which is impressive, moreseo when you consider that a single concentrated mass of dust particles was able to stay airborne long enough to travel around the freaking planet. The dust cloud measured […]

Homo sapiens' primate ancestor may have developed in Asia, not Africa

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Huh. After decades of scientific research pinpointing Africa as the so-called ‘Cradle of Life’, one scientist now points to Asia as the home of humanity’s common ancestor…which should do wonders for the demographics of this site, if you catch my drift. If Myanmar, formerly called Burma, is confirmed as being the ancestral homeland of higher […]