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‘Japan Sinks’ author Sakyo Komatsu dead at 80

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Sakyo Komatsu, the science-fiction author responsible for the 1973 novel Japan Sinks (and inadvertently responsible for the resulting parody film The World Sinks Except Japan – which our very own AnaKhouri reviewed here…) has died at 80, from pneumonia. Komatsu also wrote the novel which served as the basis for the 1980 post-apocalyptic film Virus. […]


Plug It In, and by 'It' I Mean Your Brain

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io9 has a cool article up that lists the top ten best robots to jack your brain into – meaning you can control them remotely using your brain waves. Several anime made the cut, including Battle Angel Alita (“soon to be a movie from James Cameron”, they note…except it’s been in production Hell almost as […]


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This sounds insanely cool… VIZ MEDIA PRESENTS THE HISTORICAL AND ROYAL INTRIGUE OF ŌOKU: THE INNER CHAMBERS MANGA SERIES Award-Winning Historical Science Fiction Drama Set In An Alternate Version Of Edo Japan Where Gender Roles Are Reversed San Francisco, CA, August 6, 2009 – VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), one of the entertainment industry’s most […]

Off-Topic: Badass Female Space Pilots

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In case you ever wondered about my Net handle, it seems she’s one of the most badass female spaceship pilots of all time. Of course, I picked my handle before I finished the Revelation Space trilogy. In the last book, Ana Khouri becomes a mommy and turns totally and completely lame. But for the first […]


Yay Lesbians!

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I know Musashi hates Stargate, but this might make him change his mind. ^_^ Chinese-American actress Ming Na (I don’t know what else she’s acted in, but she’s pretty) will be playing the show’s first openly gay character! According to the show’s producers, there is actually another gay character on the show as well, so […]


Literary legend J.G. Ballard dead at 78

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While we’re on a literary note here at Yellow Menace, I thought it would be appropos (though disheartening) to note the passing of writer J.G. Ballard. Though he may not be a household name here in the States (unless you live in my household, I suppose) many people will recognize Ballard as the author of […]


DVD Review- Silk

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[rating:2] There’s not a lot of science fiction horror out there, but what there is runs the gamut of quality. There are really good sf/horror movies (Sunshine), really bad sf/horror movies (Event Horizon) and a few that fall right in the middle, like the 2006 Taiwanese film Silk. Silk begins, as all good stories do, […]