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Gen Con 2010 panel: ‘Freemarket’ with designers Jared Sorensen and Luke Crane

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As I mentioned below, we attended a seminar for the recently released sci-fi RPG Freemarket. Embedded below is an audio file I recorded of the seminar, entitled ‘Freemarket: Inside the Donut’. Lots of cool stuff in there – sci-fi info out the wazoo as well as some game design theory and plenty of comedic moments […]

Ming-Na: Super Hot Space Lesbian

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I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a big fan of Stargate SG-1 / Atlantis / Etc. but I am a fan of hot Ming-Na girl-on-girl action. I’m also a Robert Carlyle fan. So you can imagine that despite my reservations, I’m actually interested in tomorrow night’s premiere of Stargate: Universe. Honestly, I’m actually looking for […]


'Stargate Universe' is looking kind of Asian, might not suck

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I’ll cop to it – I fucking despise Stargate SG-1. Hate it. Hate-hate-hate-hate-hate-hate it. Lame-y, lame-o show. Buuut….Stargate Universe, the followup to either SG-1 or Farscape Stargate Atlantis (can’t tell which) looks pretty promising. I mean, they got Robert ‘Begbie’ Carlyle to show up, and now I hear-tell Ms. Ming-Na and Filipino-American actor Lou Diamond […]

Anime + Doctor Who = Epic WIN

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Daleks and Cybermen going toe-to-toe in the streets of Tokyo? The Doctor and The Master in a fencing duel to the death atop Tokyo Tower? Yakuza thugs being iced by Cybermen? I want more! I dig the fact that Paul ‘OtaKing’ Johnson, who crafted the clip, went old school – John Pertwee is far and […]

Free Filipino sci-fi

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Wow – I’m surprised I haven’t come across this before. Being both FIlipino and a sci-fi geek of the highest order, this seems like a publication custom-designed for my consumption. The¬†Philippine Speculative Fiction Sampler is just what it sounds like – a free, online sampler platter of sci-fi/fantasy writing from the land of my forebears. […]


Rhona Mitra = Major Kusanagi

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Don’t get yer panties in a bunch – this has nothing to do with Stephen Spielberg’s proposed Ghost in the Shell film…but last night I was lying on the couch like a beached whale watching Neil Marshall’s Doomsday on Time Warner Pay-per-View, and it struck me how similar Rhona Mitra’s character was to our favorite […]

'Seven Samurai' set for subsequent sodomizing

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io9 posted a tidbit today that Seven Samurai is receiving a sci-fi facelift from a certain Shane Salerno (no, I’m not familiar with him either, although io9 claims he penned the Shaft remake – which I quite liked actually). And no, this isn’t the other remake they keep talking about. I could probably work up […]