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Tomb of Horrors – Session 1

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It’s ADVENTURE TIME! Over the next few weeks, I’ll be running Gary Gygax’s infamous killer dungeon Tomb of Horrors for a group of friends – and you get to observe their misery! Although, truth be told, the guys did pretty well this time out…no deaths. (Though not for lack of trying.) However, we ended on […]

(Not so) Free RPG Day

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As some of you may be aware, I had a rather unpleasant experience at one of my local game stores this weekend. I shall not name the store in question – I have already done so elsewhere, and the point of this piece is not to make life hard for a game store owner (who […]

How to Help People Understand Your Rules: Clarity and Learning Styles

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  Introductions for this podcast are recorded by two shining lights of the gaming community: Rich Rogers of The Canon Puncture Show and of the RPG Crosstalk Podcast. He is also a member of the RPG Crosstalk Forums. Ed Healy of Introductory music of this podcast was written and performed by Hello, the Future! and used by her permission. Buy her wonderful and […]


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     Heroes and heroism is a common thematic unit in high school and middle school English classes.  Students are exposed to the exploits of Beowulf and Odysseus and Arthur.  Some teachers see this as a great opportunity to compare and contrast these heroes with famous heroes of comic books.  If this is the case with […]