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Game Chef Review #1 – Farewell, My Dear Post-Apocalypse by William Shattuck

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After several years of waffling, I finally pulled off an entry for the annual Game Chef contest. As stipulated by the contest rules, entrants are assigned four games to peer-review and recommend for the finals. This is the first of my four reviews. I’ll say this up-front – I’m a total sucker for post-apocalypse scenarios. […]


Yellow Menace Gamecast Episode 12 – Andy Kitkowski on Japanese RPG’s

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This week we interview game publisher and Story Games proprietor Andy Kitkowski. Andy drops the 411 on the Japanese gaming scene. Show Notes: JGC (Japan Game Convention) トーキョーN◎VA (Tokyo Nova), A slow breakdown Sword World (Wikipedia) Sword World Wiki Sword World 2.0: Big Things come in Small Packages Double Cross (Wikipedia) Double Cross (Official Page) Double […]


Yellow Menace Gamecast AP – Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Death Frost Doom (pt 1)

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Here it is. Our totally awesomeballs Actual Play recording of James Raggi’s OSR RPG Lamentations of the Flame Princess! Fun and mirth were had by all, as well as a number of TPK moments precipitated by Alex. Naughty banter within, so…NSFW. HAWWWWKKKKK!!!!!! Show Notes: Lamentations of the Flame Princess Bidet (Wikipedia) Podcast: Play in new […]


Yellow Menace Gamecast Episode 8 – Gamification is Bullshit

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This week we take on Gamification – mostly. We start out talking about gamification and then, as is our wont, we wander off deep into the woods and start chatting about what separates Zynga games from MMO’s, achievement points, NASCAR romance novels, and various other things. Most notably, we deliver what inadvertantly becomes a post-mortem […]


Far West – Wuxia/Wild West mashup RPG on Kickstarter

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I love it when I can post something that bridges the gap between the Asian Pop Culture and gaming divide in our coverage. Far West is a transmedia project from Gareth Michael Skarka and T.S. Luikart which is..well, perhaps I should let Mr. Skarka explain it himself. …yeah, fucking awesome, right? Incidentally, Skarka is also […]