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Game Chef Review #1 – Farewell, My Dear Post-Apocalypse by William Shattuck

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After several years of waffling, I finally pulled off an entry for the annual Game Chef contest. As stipulated by the contest rules, entrants are assigned four games to peer-review and recommend for the finals. This is the first of my four reviews. I’ll say this up-front – I’m a total sucker for post-apocalypse scenarios. […]

Excuse Note

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So, yeah. I owe you guys four more reviews for the February Review Blitz. I will get them all to you before the end of March, I swear on my mom’s grave (or I would if she was dead; I’ll swear on her collection of back issues of Taste of Home instead).  Here’s the thing: […]

An Apology…

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So, I suck. I couldn’t meet my own deadline on the 13 Asian horror movies. In my defense, Halloween weekend was much busier than I expected, due to some unanticipated visitors. Also, ever since Gohan was born I have had an incredible craving for candy. I did OK by simply not buying any (if it’s […]

Project 13

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I’ve been having trouble focusing lately. I can’t seem to concentrate on my fiction or on my writing for this site – probably a consequence of little sleep and countless hours spent watching judge shows on FOX (although recently I’ve become better at holding a book while breastfeeding, so maybe I can cut down on […]

Early Looks at Dragonball: Evolution

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I have compiled for our readers a collection of early Dragonball: Evolution reviews. To my surprise, the reviews vary wildly in their opinions…OK, not really. They vary from “Crap” to “Actually Watchable”. ANN Review- Crap A Malaysian Reviewer- Watchable Ain’t It Cool News- Watchable Nuke the Fridge- Crap I guess we’ll all get to find […]

Wong's New Film A Flop?

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Anyone who’s been looking forward to Wong Kar Wai’s first English-language film [amazon_link id="B001563I5C" target="_blank" ]My Blueberry Nights[/amazon_link] (and I doubt anyone is, since the movie got about zero publicity…) might be sorely disappointed. The movie has gotten wretched reviews, as seen on Rotten Tomatoes. Even the good reviews call the film ‘insubstantial’, which is […]


Speed Racer failing to impress critics?

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I just checked the Rotten Tomato Meter and noticed that Speed Racer, the Wachowski’s adaptation of the classic anime, is running below 40%. Now – honestly- I really don’t give much credence to film criticism. Some of my favorite films (Underworld) were lambasted by critics and just as often I find myself loathing flicks that […]