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Ruthless Diastema Games Podcast 00: The Syllabus

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SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST TO LISTEN TO THE EPISODE. I had two simple goals for this introductory episode. The first was to introduce myself to potential listeners, and the second was to set expectations for the podcast. Introduction: You are listening to the Ruthless Diastema Games Podcast, the younger, fraternal twin of […]


Yellow Menace Gamecast Gaiden 2 – Lady Earthdawn AP

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Finally – the very first Yellow Menace Gamecast Actual Play! This episode chronicles one of our recent play sessions in which we highlight the Lady Blackbird Refresh Scene mechanic and demonstrate how it affects play going forward. Much inter-party conflict is had! Dramatis Pesonae: Ed – GM Steph – T’Sareth (T’Skrang Elementalist) Alex – Landas […]


Yellow Menace Gamecast Episode 5 – Jake Richmond from Atarashi Games

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On this week’s installment of the Yellow Menace Gamecast we interview Jack Richmond of Atarashi games, designer of anime-themed indie RPG’s Panty Explosion Perfect and GxB! Show Notes Panty Explosion Perfect – old vs. new versions GxB Classroom Deathmatch CelStyle Anime Nerds vs RPG Nerds Forum Gaming with Panty Explosion BxB – Yaoi GxB – […]


Yellow Menace Podcast Episode 17 – Peking Opera Blues

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Witness this special episode recorded at Ed’s chateau high in the Latverian moutain range – we discuss Patricia and Nathan’s trip to Anime Punch, box office figures for 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstacy, Wilson Yip’s A Chinese Ghost Story remake, and this week’s film review – Peking Opera Blues! Bonus: meet Ed’s mysterious Canadian […]


Yellow Menace Gamecast Episode 2 – Danger Patrol, Lady Blackbird, and the implications of social mechanics

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Finally, the second episode of the Yellow Menace Gamecast! This episode we discuss John Harper’s free indie RPG’s Danger Patrol and Lady Blackbird – find out why trad games result in girlfriends being stuffed into burlap sacks. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:24:58 — 77.8MB)

robo_geisha_fried shrimp

Yellow Menace Podcast Episode 15 – RoboGeisha

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This week we welcome a special guest-host, Theory From the Closet host Clyde Rhoer!  While Clyde is primarily known as an RPG podcaster, he’s also something of a Japanophile and offered to help us pick apart Noboru Iguchi’s 2009 gonzo flick RoboGeisha. We also discuss the latest news about the FUNimation 1337 lawsuit, FUNimation’s current […]

American Ninja Update

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So, remember a while ago when we discussed American Ninja on the podcast? I just wanted to mention that I was at Half-Price Books the other day, and I saw a copy for sale on the $2 DVD clearance cart. I resisted the intense urge to purchase it, in case you were wondering.