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Yellow Menace Podcast Episode 26 – Shaolin

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This week we discuss Gamespot’s acquisition of Giant Bomb, videogame journalism, doing the horizontal bop in Bioware games, and Benny Chan’s Shaolin. As usual, SPOILERS! Show Notes: Giant Bomb GameSpot’s acquisition of Giant Bomb explained by Gerstmann, Davison The official Journey review FAQ (Quarter to Three) Romance (Dragon Age Wiki) Shaolin at Wikipedia Youtube Video […]


Yellow Menace Podcast Episode 25 – Irma Vep

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This week we take a look at the (already) lagging sales of the newly-released Playstation Vita, pimp a great new Kickstarter, and review Olivier Assayas’ 1995 indie flick Irma Vep – which may seem off-topic…but features the legendary Maggie Cheung as herself. The verdict: three ups and one big down. Show Notes Playstation Vita sales […]


The Yellow Menace Podcast Episode 23 – Machete Maidens Unleashed

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This week we talk some video games – Farmville and Saints Row 3 – and review the Filipino exploitation film documentary Machete Maidens Unleashed! And after the movie talk, find out why Alex is the ‘Filipino Ron Jeremy’. Show Notes Machete Maidens Unleashed at the IMDB Machete Maidens Unleashed Official Website Podcast: Play in new […]


Yellow Menace Gamecast Episode 8 – Gamification is Bullshit

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This week we take on Gamification – mostly. We start out talking about gamification and then, as is our wont, we wander off deep into the woods and start chatting about what separates Zynga games from MMO’s, achievement points, NASCAR romance novels, and various other things. Most notably, we deliver what inadvertantly becomes a post-mortem […]

pale flower

Yellow Menace Podcast Epsiode 21 – Studio Ghibli’s ‘Bamboo Curtain’, Bad News For the Yakuza, and Pale Flower

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Another long, rambly talk this week – but it’s a good kind of ramble where you end up in fun, unexpected places. Clyde brings us a news item regarding Hayao Miyazaki’s hiring practices, Ed wants to talk about legal problems for the Yakuza, and I make everyone watch a pretentious Japanese art film. Pretty sure […]