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One Million…Jellyfish !

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Here’s something cool: an entire lake packed with jellyfish, in the Philippines. Apparently these guys got cut off when the continents were shifting around the lake separated from the Pacific Ocean. Best of all, you can swim with them- their stingers are no longer dangerous! Neat! I for one welcome out brainless, squishy overlords.

DVD Review – Sigaw

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Sigaw (The Philippines, 2004) Sigaw (which translates as The Echo) is the first Filipino movie I’d ever seen. It’s a nice little low-budget horror flick with a twist at the end that observant viewers will see coming, but which is still effective. Marvin is a young man with a striking resemblance to Ralph Macchio. He’s […]

Corazon Aquino, former president of Philippines, dead at 76

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What do you say about a woman who energized an entire populace to overthrow a dictatorial regime? Her subsequent Presidency left much to be desired, but to Filipinos around the world she will always be ‘Tita Cory’. The People Power movement which toppled Marcos was probably the pinnacle of modern Filipino political history; Aquino, aided […]

Awesome Manny Pacquiao Nike commerical

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In case you’re wondering what this song is, it’s the Philippine national anthem Lupang Hinirang – the actual lyrics sung in the commercial are: Aming ligaya na pag may mang-aapi, ang mamatay ng dahil sa iyo. or,  for non-Tagalog speakers: But it is glory ever, when thou art wronged For us, thy sons to suffer […]

Batman in tagalog – still better than Schumacher

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Sorry, io9 – Schumacher still has the distinction of having made the worst Batman movie ever. You can’t honestly tell me that the 1993 Filipino production Alyas Batman En Robin is less entertaining than Batman & Robin. I mean, really…check out the $20 patio furniture Batman offers his guests. That’s straight gangsta. More clips at […]

'The Pacific' trailer

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With relatives serving in both the European and Pacific theaters during WWII, I have always been a bit of a war-junkie…and I’m particularly happy to see the Pacific theater finally getting its’ due. Growing up in the Philippines, my dad had a front-row seat and has plenty of stories to tell. I’m sure the Band […]

Bulgarian 'Survivor' dies in Philippines

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When I read about the death of Bulgarian Survivor contestant Noncho Vodenicharov this morning, my first thought was: ‘They have Survivor in Bulgaria? I wonder if it’s as soul-crushingly awful as the American version…’. But say what you want about American Survivor…it doesn’t kill you (though it might make you want it to). Police say the 53-year-old […]