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Someone spilled their drink.

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If my cranky childhood swimming instructor is to be believed, these people will all croak in the next few minutes because they’re perpetrating the heinous crime of combining swimming with eating… Or being near water and eating, which was enough to get us yelled at when we were kids.  But seriously, can you think of […]


The YM Easter Tradition

Written by AnaKhouri on . Posted in WTF

This post is a bit late this year, but Easter just passed so you know what that meant… Musashi’s peeps in the Philippines were all crucifying themselves and shit This happens every single year so I’m not sure why major news agencies act like it’s still shocking. I’m also not sure why people think Jesus […]


The Yellow Menace Podcast Episode 23 – Machete Maidens Unleashed

Written by Musashi on . Posted in Film, Moviecast

This week we talk some video games – Farmville and Saints Row 3 – and review the Filipino exploitation film documentary Machete Maidens Unleashed! And after the movie talk, find out why Alex is the ‘Filipino Ron Jeremy’. Show Notes Machete Maidens Unleashed at the IMDB Machete Maidens Unleashed Official Website Podcast: Play in new […]

Filipino dwarf colony

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A group of Filipino little-people is considering creating a community of their own in Manila, using investor-donated land. Being free from this constant abuse, says Doron, is the reason why he and about 30 other dwarves are planning to establish a colony. An investor has donated 16,000 sq m of land near Manila, though the […]


Philippine airport officials banned from issuing Christmas wishes

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In case you’re wondering, Tagalog for ‘Merry Christmas’ is is Maligayang Pasko – but don’t try using it if you happen to be a Philippine immigration official… Immigration Bureau chief Ronaldo Ledesma says officers at passport counters are banned from offering Christmas greetings because they may be misconstrued as soliciting gifts or cash. It is […]

Philippines Tourism Bureau Says, "Our Bad."

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I am not sure I want to ever visit the Philippines. It looks beautiful, and all the Filipino-Americans I know (all…two of them) are pretty decent people. But one time I saw this movie where Leslie Cheung went to see his mother in the Philippines, and he was stabbed to death by a total stranger […]


Filipino actor shot while portraying drive-by-shooter

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I know that film businesses outside the U.S. play a little fast-and-loose (compare Jackie Chan’s Hong Kong fare to the dung he’s produced Stateside sometime) but this is plain silly… Watchman Eddie Cuizon tried to accost Filipino actor Kirk Abella late Saturday then shot him as the actor was directed to speed away on a […]

Thursday news roundup

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Not enough time today for a full post, but here’s a roundup of stuff I thought worth mentioning. Akira Film – One Hughes for the Price of Two and PG-13 Big Trouble in Little China + Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth Equals…the Lo Pan Express! Philippine Mystic Dwarfs LUIS, Armand & Angel Meet Healing & Psychic […]

Sorry, Musashi

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So Musashi, you know I’m down with your Filipino peeps and I’m all for exotic food and stuff. In fact, I pride myself on being open-minded about food and willing to try anything once. But…I just found out what balut is. And, um, just looking at pictures is kind of making me sick. Wiki Article […]

Giant freaking lizard species discovered in Philippines

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Biologists have located a species of monitor lizard on Luzon in the Philippines. Dubbed ‘Varanus bitatawa’, the critter sports gold spots and is apparently a vegetarian. Yeah, I was disappointed when I heard that last bit too…though probably not as disappointed as Roger Corman. The Agta and Ilongot tribes call the reptile “bitatawa,” which the […]