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North Korea: Not Just Fun and Games

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Another NPR find… So, I like to make fun of the contained (for now) insanity that is North Korea as much as the next girl. It’s too surreal to believe most of the time, so what else can we do? Until you hear something like this, and realize that North Korea really is a hellish […]


Uncool Death = The Coolest

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Yesterday morning I was listening to Morning Edition on NPR (as you do) when I heard this gem of a story about Seizo Fukumoto, one of chanbara’s greatest unknown actors- unknown because he was never a leading man. He was (and is) just a guy who dies. A lot. Listen or Read! Fukumoto estimates he […]

Ha Jin Interview

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Yesterday I was listening to NPR (as you do) when I heard Diane Rehm rasping out something about the Rape of Nanking. I told my kid to go run in circles until he fell down (he thinks it’s fun) so I could listen. She was interviewing Ha Jin, one of my favorite authors, about his […]

Ha! Take That, NPR!

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Bwahahahahaha! Yellow Menace scooped NPR! Back on June 6th I posted a BBC article about Super Cool Biz. A couple days ago I heard a report on NPR about the same thing! I beat NPR to a story! Granted, a fluff sort of story, but still. Here’s the NPR article if you’re interested: NPR’s Super […]

The Token…White Guy?

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I pretty much listen to NPR about 8 hours a day, because otherwise I would no idea what is going on in the world and would never be able to talk to other grown-ups again. This morning on Weekend Edition I heard an interesting piece about what it’s like to be that one token white […]


NPR on ‘The Selective Subculture Of ‘Fantasy’ Gamers’

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NPR’s been running a series of stories on ‘cultural fragmentation’, or how society has become a series of nested, isolated subcultures – and this week featured their take on SquareEnix’s long-running Final Fantasy series. It’s an interesting piece, but frankly – the central conceit is lame. Final Fantasy fandom is hardly a small niche, although […]


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     What passes for drama in the classroom is often half-baked and mostly faked.  Without proper planning, classroom theater ends up as an exercise in giggling.  Perhaps classroom drama should look to gaming for a little help.  I think there is great potential in education for Live Action Role Play. These feelings were confirmed again today […]


Badass Anime Chicks

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I was listening to Talk of the Nation today (as you do). It seems Thursday’s pressing and relevant news story- I kid, Neil, I love your show- was the Best Female Action Heroes in movies. Theu discussed Ripley from Alien and Sarah Connor from Terminator (obviously) as well as the Bride from Kill Bill and […]

Belly Dancing…in China?

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China is now allowing the “bourgeois decadence” of belly dancing to be taught…by a dude. I Like to Move It Move It I admit I would feel weird learning belly dancing from a man. I would feel weird belly dancing at all, however, especially with the current state of my belly. Apparently though, he’s awesome […]