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Top Ten Albums of 2013

Written by Ian Williams on . Posted in Music, Music Reviews

 I’ve made up lists of best albums for ages but this is the first time I’ve posted one outside of social media. So a quick disclaimer: this doesn’t represent G&G’s staff picks or anything, just mine. This was a really hard year to pick. The past three years have been absolutely excellent for music but 2013 […]


Community Voices: Chris Helton’s Top Five Mashup List

Written by Pete Figtree on . Posted in Community Voices: Top Five Lists

Meet Chris Chris Helton has been running the Dorkland! Blog for ten years. That is quite an accomplishment. To celebrate, he is raising money to attend Gen Con this year. Help him here: The List Pete asked me (and I promptly forgot) to make up a Top Five post for the site. He knows that […]

David Sylvian – For the Love of Life

Written by Musashi on . Posted in Music, Video

Just so you understand the chain of thought that led me to post this video – Mick Karn, bassist for 80′s synth-pop band Japan, died today…so I went on the usual YouTube clip safari, checking out loads of old Japan videos. Naturally, I started wondering what lead vocalist David Sylvian was up to these days, […]

Yellow Magic Orchestra's Yukihiro Takahashi sings my favorite Beatles tune: 'It's All Too Much'

Written by Musashi on . Posted in Music

My favorite Beatle is George Harrison, and my favorite Harrison-penned Beatles tune is ‘It’s All Too Much’, featured on the Yellow Submarine soundtrack. Seriously, you can keep ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ – Harrison’s upbeat LSD trip does it for me every time. Here’s a spiffy version by Yellow Magic Orchestra vocalist Yukihiro Takahashi.


RIP Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson 1955 – 2010

Written by Musashi on . Posted in Music

I’m running late getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner, so I don’t have time to say a lot – but I did want to note the untimely passing of musician Peter Christopherson, founding member of industrial pioneers Throbbing Gristle and techno-occult experimentalists Coil. I’m particularly saddened by the latter, as Coil is now and truly gone…partner/collaborator […]


Morrissey, dude – WTF?

Written by Musashi on . Posted in Music

Okay – two things. I’m a lifelong Smiths fan (well, since the mid-80′s, which is probably a lifetime to most of you)…also, I can personally confirm that Morrissey is kind of a prick (went to see him in the early 90′s and he walked off-stage about two songs into his set because he got offended […]

Asian culture links from MeFi

Written by Mazinga on . Posted in Film, News of the World

MetaFilter recently had a couple of cool links on Asian pop culture topics. A discussion of Japanese director Seijun Suzuki (Branded to Kill) Visual Kei band X Japan embarks on first-ever US tour An awesome gallery of posters using pop culture images (Superman, Marilyn Monroe) to promote manners on public transit Share and Enjoy!


Justin Bieber to tour North Korea, thanks to 4chan.

Written by Musashi on . Posted in Music

4chan’s latest prank has seemingly obligated horrifying pop sensation Justin Bieber to a tour of North Korea. It seems the Beebs held a Twitter contest for fans to vote on the country the mop-headed terror should visit – predictably, 4chan got their foot in the door and skewed the results towards their venue of choice […]