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Godzilla 2014 May Not Suck

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As we are all aware, there’s a new, American-made Godzilla film coming in 2014. For a long time I thought “Eeeeew more American Godzilla WTF.” but the new trailer that was just released today made me waver. We see soldiers parachuting with flares, lots of buildings crumbling and things exploding, a girl looking scared and […]


Tarsem & I: A Love/Hate Story

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I have a weird relationship with Tarsem Singh, the movie director who is usually credited as ‘Tarsem’ because it sounds more chic.I love him occasionally, I hate him mostly, and I still get excited and hopeful when I find out he’d doing a new movie like this one.(also, ‘panopticon’ is a cool word)Tarsem started out […]


Masaki Kobayashi’s Harakiri

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Masaki Kobayashi‘s Harakiri is my favorite chambara of all time. I don’t say that lightly. In my estimation it ranks above Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, Lone Wolf and Cub, and just about any other samurai film you’re likely to have seen or heard of. I don’t mean that as a slight on those films – rather, […]


Uncool Death = The Coolest

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Yesterday morning I was listening to Morning Edition on NPR (as you do) when I heard this gem of a story about Seizo Fukumoto, one of chanbara’s greatest unknown actors- unknown because he was never a leading man. He was (and is) just a guy who dies. A lot. Listen or Read! Fukumoto estimates he […]

Michelle Yeoh Forcibly Ejected From Burma

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So my favorite Hong Kong ass-kicking actress is no longer allowed in Burma! I’ll just bet her heart is broken about it too. Actually it probably is, because now she can’t get with Aung San Suu Kyi to ask her stuff for the new movie about her life. Michelle Yeoh Kicked Out! Check out the […]

More Akira Nonsense

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We’ve already been through the anger and grief associated with seeing Keanu “Whoa!” Reeves mentioned in connection with The 47 Ronin and a live-action Cowboy Bebop, both of which are as yet mercifully nonexistent. But now he’s connected to the live-action Akira, which looks like it is actually for sure going to happen. Hollywood Reporter […]


DVD Review: Ju-on (The Grudge)

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POP! Goes the Dead Kid I’ve seen nearly all the famous Asian horror films. And by ‘famous’, I mean the ones that Hollywood tried to remake: The Eye, The Ring, A Tale of Two Sisters, Pulse, Dark Water. There was just one I’d missed: Ju-on, aka The Grudge. That’s been rectified. The movie begins, as […]


February Review Blitz: Black Dynamite

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For my first post of the February Review Blitz, I’ve chosen a truly great example of twenty-first century film making. I was having  shitty day a couple weeks ago, so that night I watched 2009′s Black Dynamite, and suddenly everything was A-OK again. There are some things in this world that shouldn’t be funny. Little […]

2 Stories in 1 Great Post!

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A couple notes from Anime News Network… The much-anticipated/feared new Berserk anime project is going to be a movie. A movie covering the first part of the manga, whatever that means. Considering it took 24 episodes to cover the first 13 volumes, I’m wondering how far they can get in 90 minutes or so. Long […]

Yes Virginia, You CAN See All of Red Cliff

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So, the other night on Netflix I noticed there is a DVD version of John Woo’s Red Cliff that is the entire movie, unlike the chopped-down theatrical version; it’s on two discs and seems to be all 17 hours or whatever. So far it’s not on the instant Watch, but you can get it on […]