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Death Trance

February Review Blitz: Death Trance

Written by AnaKhouri on . Posted in Film, Film Reviews

Death Trance desperately wants to be a Ryuhei Kitamura movie. And it succeeds. Unfortunately, only about half of Kitamura’s movies are really entertaining; the other half are stupid and boring. Death Trance, as a Kitamura wannabe, falls into the latter category. In a world similar to Edo-era Japan (but way weirder), a mysterious coffin has […]


February Review Blitz: The Maid

Written by AnaKhouri on . Posted in Film Reviews

One night last week Shapiro Keats came home late to find me curled up on the couch, the living room lights blazing, clutching the cat like a feline shield. “Did you watch a scary movie?” He sighed. Yes, yes I did. And I fully admit that Filipino horror movie The Maid probably wouldn’t have been […]

Comic-con Priest Trailer

Written by AnaKhouri on . Posted in Film

Trailer Addict has a spot up for Priest, the Paul Bettany film based on the Korean manwha that was kind of popular about a decade ago (I chose to read another horror manwha, Island, that was released by Tokyopop around the same time…man, I wish someone would make an Island movie). Priest at Comic-con I […]


Arietty the Borrower Trailers

Written by AnaKhouri on . Posted in Anime

Here’s a couple videos about the latest from the revered Studio Ghibli- an adaptation of Mary Norton’s The Borrowers. We’ll definitely be seeing it (Shapiro Keats is all about stories concerning little tiny people, and hey, it’s Ghibli). Teaser Trailer Longer Trailer Although I think the story should be called The Takers because really, they […]



Written by Mazinga on . Posted in Anime, Events

For many of my generation whose initial exposure to anime was through imported television series of inconsisten quality, the movie Akira was revolutionary in the artistic brilliance of its animation. Now one man has teamed up with Pittsburg’s ToonSeum to create The Art of Akira Exhibit, whose mission is “To teach the entire world just […]

Save Our Asses, Yamato!

Written by AnaKhouri on . Posted in Anime

Space Battleship Yamato Undies, like Underoos for grown-ups. I like the ones that say, “Save our Earth Yamato!” I’m not sure the crew will see your heartfelt plea, unless you’re showing off way too much flesh. Desslock will be eager to see your plea, though. Especially if you’re a ripped dude. That’s how he rolls.

Off-Topic: Thank You Larry Flynt

Written by AnaKhouri on . Posted in Uncategorized

I’ve gone on-call at the bookstore where I used to work, and last night was my first night back. I got to have this great conversation: Co-worker: “AnaKhouri, there is a customer on the phone who wants this movie…” >consults slip of paper< “‘Nailin’ Palin’. Do we have it?” Me: “…that’s a PORNO. Um, don’t […]


DVD Review – Cure

Written by AnaKhouri on . Posted in DVD Reviews

Finally, the last of my Halloween Asian horror reviews! Unfortunately, the movie sucked. There are spoilers. Cure (Japan, 1997) Cure is billed as a horror movie, but it’s really more of a psychological thriller. I wanted to like Cure, I really did. The concept is, as far as I know, unique among suspense films. Unfortunately, […]

Susan Boyle Does Anime

Written by AnaKhouri on . Posted in Anime

You go on a British TV show and wow everyone. You become a Youtube sensation. You start recording a CD. But you haven’t really made it until you do an anime theme song. Susan Boyle Does Anime Movie Theme I wanna be in the cast of 10, 000. Ta-ka-no-tsu-me!


DVD Review – Jigoku

Written by AnaKhouri on . Posted in DVD Reviews

If it’s released under the Criterion Collection label, it’s probably either awesome or boring. Which is this? Jigoku (Japan, 1960) In the beginning of Jigoku, two young men hit someone with their car, then drive off, leaving him to die in the street. What they don’t know is that someone saw them. But this isn’t […]

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