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No Sex in Japan!

Written by AnaKhouri on . Posted in WTF

I finally finished A Dance with Dragons. It took me 5 days. It wasn’t even really worth it, except for all the cannibalism. Anyway, now I am posting some of the shit I’ve been collecting all week! Don’t have sex with people in Japan without using a condom! I don’t care how hot that ganguro […]


South Korean eggheads breed glowing dogs

Written by Musashi on . Posted in WTF

  Why glowing dogs, you ask? Well – it seems that this is really just a proof-of-concept test drive, if you will – proving that genes can be successfully impanted to produce ‘transgenic’ offspring…presumably with traits that are a little more useful than finding your car keys at night.     A South Korean scientist […]

Round-eyes can live a long time too!

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More often than not, whenever someone labeled ‘World’s Oldest (man/woman/person)” dies, they’re Japanese. Usually this is attributed to a lifelong diet of fish, seaweed, and rice – but it also turns out that Japanese people harbor a specific gene that favors longevity. Now it turns out that very same gene has been located in some […]