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The Japanese Tackle 'Big America' Burgers

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Last year, Japanese McDonald’s introduced four new kinds of burgers: the ‘Big America’ burgers. The Texas burger: looks sinfully good, although that’s way too much mustard and I don’t want a bun barrier between my bacon/fried onion and my meat. The New York Burger: Looks OK, I’d eat it. The California Burger: I’d eat that […]


Weird McDonald's

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When we were in Japan, we went to McDonald’s. Yeah, I know, lame. But we were waiting for a plane and didn’t have time to hit the ramen place. And you know what? McDonald’s is usually gross, but that was the best damn food I ever had at McDonald’s. Of course, I had the fish, […]

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Death by Overtime at Mickey D’s

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A McDonald’s manager in Japan was worked to death- at least that’s what the labor office says after she died of a brain hemmorage. Poor lady was doing 20 hours of overtime a week. Shapiro Keats works, on average, at least 60 hours a week (and has worked as many as 90 hours in one […]