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James McTeigue has huge man-crush on K-pop sensation Rain

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Listening to James McTeigue talk about his ‘Ninja Assassin‘ leading man Rain makes me wonder if McTeigue isn’t harboring some sort of latent lustful desire for the guy. Then again, look at him. Those are some manly, manly pecs. “Rain is an incredible athlete,” McTeigue said. “An incredible personality too. You just have to spend […]

Cinemash takes on 'Oldboy'

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Am I the only one who doesn’t find these Cinemash shorts very funny? Oh well – I at least have to give this one props for a decent re-enactment of the famous ‘claw hammer’ fight from Oldboy. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy watching corporate executives being beaten to death with a hammer?

Korean hunk Kwon Sang-hoo to play Kato in 'Green Hornet'?

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Wow, the musical chairs casting call for Green Hornet’s sidekick Kato may finally have ended…! So – who did Seth Rogan choose to fill the departed Stephen Chow’s chauffeur shoes? Asian news outlets are reporting that Korean actor Kwon Sang-woo is currently in talks to play the Green Hornet’s hyper-competent sidekick, alongside a bumbling Seth […]

North Korea gets first burger joint, first lifestyle-related heart attack to follow in 2014

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South Korea’s commie neighbors can now enjoy hamburgers like the rest of the civilized world, although it’s a treat that will likely remain unattainable for most of the population. Burger joint Samtaeseong recently opened in Pyongyang, although ‘hamburgers’ aren’t listed on the menu – probably so as to stave off the effects of contagious Western […]

Korea deploys clones to fight drug war

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…well, cloned dogs, actually. Incheon International Airport is now home to six cloned drug-sniffing dogs; their genetic stock was culled from a cham-peen Canadian narco-hound, and Korean fuzz claims that they all have their predecessors talents. “They showed better performances in detecting illegal drugs during the training than other naturally born sniffer dogs that we […]

New 'Remo Williams' movie in the works?

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Oh, HELL yes. Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir’s pulpy action hero The Destroyer (aka Remo Williams) will reportedly make a long-awaited return to the silver screen – so sayeth Aint It Cool News. The first Destroyer film, 1985′s Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins (directed by Goldfinger helmer Guy Hamilton), was savaged by critics and filmgoers […]


Spielberg / Smith soldier on in face of 'Oldboy' adversity

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I am really curious to see what emerges from the Stephen Spielberg / Will Smith adapation of Oldboy. Park Chan-Wook’s 2003 film was so remarkable, I have serious doubts that another adaptation can do anything with the source material that Chan-Wook didn’t already achieve. Plus – Spielberg? Smith? Incest? Not a likely combo. But I’ll […]


Who Wants to Marry a Rich Korean Lady?

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Here’s something I don’t get: stupid gits in America whining about how gay matrimony is going to violate the sanctity of marriage, when shit like this happens all the time. (another thing I don’t get is, what the Hell is that thing in the picture to the right?) BBC Article It’s not a Korean matchmaking […]