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Yellow Menace Gamecast Episode 12 – Andy Kitkowski on Japanese RPG’s

Written by Musashi on . Posted in Gamecast, RPGs

This week we interview game publisher and Story Games proprietor Andy Kitkowski. Andy drops the 411 on the Japanese gaming scene. Show Notes: JGC (Japan Game Convention) トーキョーN◎VA (Tokyo Nova), A slow breakdown Sword World (Wikipedia) Sword World Wiki Sword World 2.0: Big Things come in Small Packages Double Cross (Wikipedia) Double Cross (Official Page) Double […]


Poor, Poor Japanese Macaques

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In the past three weeks or so my allergies have gone fucking insane. The weirdly warm winter (haha alliteration) didn’t help, nor does the fact that the previous homeowners saw fit to plant not one, not two but THREE flowering trees in our yard. So I have some sympathy for the Japanese macaque, though I’m […]


Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Rocks Hardcore

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We’ve been blasting our way through Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam like the DVDs are going to disappear at the end of the week. This is pretty unheard of, because Shapiro Keats and I are about the slowest anime-watchers in the entire world. But it’s really good. And since we watched the original MS Gundam, we […]

Japanese Fruit Art: The Banana

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I don’t like bananas. My kid does; he chows down on them like they’re going out of style. Today, while watching him cram a banana down his throat, I thought of this “news” story: ‘nana Art! Only a Japanese guy would be weird enough to think of doing this, but I have to admit it […]


‘Japan Sinks’ author Sakyo Komatsu dead at 80

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Sakyo Komatsu, the science-fiction author responsible for the 1973 novel Japan Sinks (and inadvertently responsible for the resulting parody film The World Sinks Except Japan – which our very own AnaKhouri reviewed here…) has died at 80, from pneumonia. Komatsu also wrote the novel which served as the basis for the 1980 post-apocalyptic film Virus. […]

Berserk Movie Teaser

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So the series of Berserk movies is definitely coming out starting in 2012. And here is a teaser trailer that shows you…approximately half of nothing. But all the Berserk fans can squeal over Griffiths’ perfectly perfect hair. Official Website I loved the series, but I’m more excited that the movies will cover the manga beyond […]

No Sex in Japan!

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I finally finished A Dance with Dragons. It took me 5 days. It wasn’t even really worth it, except for all the cannibalism. Anyway, now I am posting some of the shit I’ve been collecting all week! Don’t have sex with people in Japan without using a condom! I don’t care how hot that ganguro […]


James Brown Loves Miso

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I apologize for being criminally absent from the blog lately. There are many reasons: in summer we tend to spend most of the day outside (except today…Jesus Christ, it was like walking into a blast furnace today), I’ve been swamped with my writing projects, we were watching A Game of Thrones…anyway, I figured I better […]

bunny foo foo


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And you though Frank from Donnie Darko was creepy. Earless Mutant Radiation Bunny! It’s kind of cute. I mean, I bet it has ears, it’s just missing the long flaps most rabbits have. Cute little mutated nuclear freak bunny.

Ha! Take That, NPR!

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Bwahahahahaha! Yellow Menace scooped NPR! Back on June 6th I posted a BBC article about Super Cool Biz. A couple days ago I heard a report on NPR about the same thing! I beat NPR to a story! Granted, a fluff sort of story, but still. Here’s the NPR article if you’re interested: NPR’s Super […]


Manpris Allowed in Tokyo Offices!

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This isn’t sexist, because I think pedal pushers/capris look stupid anyway (seriously, wear pants or wear shorts. Make up your damn mind!), but this picture of a Japanese salaryman in capris made me LOL. Super Cool Biz! With the Fukushima Daiichi power plant on the fritz (to put it mildly), Tokyo’s shiny office buildings will […]