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Steve Jobs is Willy Wonka

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Watching this recent iPhone ‘unveiling’ in Vietnam, and reading this subsequent post at Wired about Apple’s obsession with security, it suddenly dawned on me – Steve Jobs is Willy Wonka. All the security measures and secrecy implemented by Apple remind me of nothing less than Wonka’s obsessive protection of his own iPhone, the Everlasting Gobstopper. […]


Missing iPhone prototype leads to suicide

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An engineer working at a factory in Shenzen, China committed suicide last week after a prototype iPhone he was responsible for went missing. The Southern Metropolis Daily newspaper said Sun — responsible for sending iPhone prototypes to Apple — noticed he was missing one of the 16 units he received on July 9. He reported […]

Screw your iPhone 3Gs, my phone runs XP!

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I don’t own an iPhone, although after misplacing my car last weekend (don’t ask) I’m tempted to pick one up, or at least a phone with GPS. Then again, why bother with Apple’s shiny 23rd century tech when I can rock it like it’s 2002! The xpPhone, from Chinese firm In Technology, sports a 800 […]

Off-Topic: Warren Ellis on the Kindle

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Being a writer and a bookseller, I’m keenly interested in the evolution of e-books, seeing as how it directly affects my livelihood. Which is why this piece by comic writer god Warren Ellis (where’s the second Fell graphic novel, Warren?) made me laugh. And think, just a little. Warren Ellis is Wired Warren Ellis does […]


iPhone girl – still employed, alive

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Those of you worried about the cute-as-a-button iPhone girl (a 21st century Rosie the Riveter if I ever saw one) will be heartened to know that she hasn’t been fired, nor has she been summarily executed by the Taiwanese government for divulging trade secrets. No, according to China Daily, iPhone girl is still employed by […]