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North Korea: Not Just Fun and Games

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Another NPR find… So, I like to make fun of the contained (for now) insanity that is North Korea as much as the next girl. It’s too surreal to believe most of the time, so what else can we do? Until you hear something like this, and realize that North Korea really is a hellish […]

Ha Jin Interview

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Yesterday I was listening to NPR (as you do) when I heard Diane Rehm rasping out something about the Rape of Nanking. I told my kid to go run in circles until he fell down (he thinks it’s fun) so I could listen. She was interviewing Ha Jin, one of my favorite authors, about his […]


Yellow Menace Podcast Extra – Interview with Misspent Youth’s Robert Bohl from Gen Con Indy 2010

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Robert Bohl is an independent game designer and creator of Misspent Youth, an indie RPG he describes as ‘Teenage rebellion in a fucked up future.’ Recorded 8/7/10 at Gen Con Indy 2010. Show Notes: Misspent Youth Official Site Robert’s podcast The Independent Insurgency Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 32:45 — 30.6MB)

Show058: Interview with Robert Bohl

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Here’s an interview I did with Robert Bohl a few weeks ago. I think the Skype interviews are really improving, there seems to be much less of the falling in and out that used to occur when using Skype. In this show we talk about; Misspent Youth, defeating blank page syndrome, mechanizing fun, “my guy” […]


Go Nagai in Egypt

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Go Nagai has created approximately 8,000 popular manga series, half of them about giant robots and the other half with ‘Devil-’ in the title. In my mind, the fact that he created Devilman Lady means he is one of the Great Manga Creators, and should have his face carved into a mountain next to Tezuka […]


Dark Horse CEO Speaks!

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Dark Horse is one of my favorite comic publishers. I’ve never read anything they produced that I didn’t like. If I ever get to work in the industry, I would want to work at Dark Horse. So anytime I see an interview with their CEO, Mike Richardson (which happens more often than one would expect), […]

Gen Con Indy 2009: Interview with Cryptic Studios' Bill Roper – Champions Online

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I had to switch to Vimeo for this one, since YouTube doesn’t like videos over 10 minutes in length (boo!). At any rate, we also spoke with Cryptic Studios’ Bill Roper about Champions Online. In short – the game looks fantastic. The character creator (which you will see plenty of in the below video) is […]