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Build your own 'Sita'

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Nina Paley, creator and animator of the remarkable film Sita Sings the Blues has made all of the .fla source files for the project available via Plus, she’s encouraging the public to do other cool stuff with the assets. For free. FREE. Free – as in beer, speech, and sex. Nina, I am officially […]

"Little Superstar" Has a Name!

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Remember the “Little Superstar”? Youtube Video As it turns out, he’s a real actual person and not a short robot with awesome dance moves! His name is Thavakalai and he has a Myspace page. Myspace Page He likes cricket (big surprise- he’s Indian, after all), Playboy and Barbra Streisand. And he seems like a really […]

'Sita Sings the Blues' on PBS in March

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One of the first things I blogged when we switched over to WordPress was an interview with Sita Sings the Blues director Nina Paley. I still haven’t seen it (no doubt because of the retarded copyright issues that have held the film’s distribution in limbo). However, PBS affiliate WNET in New York plans to broadcast […]

Hindu nationalist group to market soda made from cow urine

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Today’s Whaddafuck award goes to the Indian Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, a Hindu nationalist group that plans to develop and sell a soft-drink made from bovine wee-wee. I’m trying to be fairly open-minded about this, because god knows I’ve eaten some wierd shit in my lifetime…but you’ve got to wonder about a religion that eschews killing cows […]


Indian Artist Realizes His Stuff is Fake

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Indian artist SH Raza was rather surprised and dismayed when he went to present an exhibition of his own works…only to realize a bunch of the pieces were fakes! BBC Article Weirder yet, apparently some of them weren’t even copies of his work, but paintings with his name on them that weren’t even similar to […]


Indian Moms Say 'No' to Shin-chan

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Mommies in India have apparently decided that the anime Crayon Shin-chan is detrimental to their little precious’ behavior, so the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has banned it from TV. ANN Article Now, I wouldn’t want my kids to watch something like South Park (while SP is more sophisticated than Shin-chan, much of the potty-mouthed […]

WB loses 'Hari Puttar' suit

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While Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling is ensconced in some evil lair, reclining naked on piles of cash wrenched from the pockets of millions of impressionable children (or, rather, the parents of millions of impressionable children), Warner Brothers is rubbing their backsides after losing a court case to block the release of a Bollywood film […]


Things That Want to Eat You: Tigers

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Next in my continuing educational series about Things That Want to Eat You (see my earlier post about Komodo dragons), I present: tigers. An incredibly lucky and dogged Indian (Does that count as Asia? What the hell, they’re connected) man has survived not only an attack by a man-eating tiger, but also the 10-hour […]