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Mary Marvel and Uncle Marvel

Gen Con Day 3: SHAZAM!

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Saturday came after Friday, as it usually does. Saturday I couldn’t drag my butt downstairs to the treadmill; in fact, I didn’t even get up at the time assigned to the alarm clock, which is why I missed my first panel. That day I costumed as one of my favorite superheroines- though she’s partly my […]


Donate Money So AnaKhouri Can Travel On This Plane

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OhmiGod OhmiGod OhmiGod. I want to fly somewhere RIGHT THE FUCK NOW. What could be better than resting one’s head against a pillow printed with Hello Kitty’s face? Darling Japanese flight attendants (that’s what we call them now, right?) in pink Hello Kitty aprons and airline food that actually looks good, if you can bring […]

Kitty Punisher

Hello Kitty Invades All Geek Culture

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If you’ve looked at this blog for more than 2 days in a row, you have probably learned that I am a Hello Kitty freak, but I try not to let anyone know it. Now artist Joseph Senior has given me an out: Hello Everyone! I can just say, “I didn’t buy it for Hello […]

Cats in Your Engine

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God damn, Hello Kitty is everywhere. Candy, clothes, keychains, stationary, toasters, vibrators. And now the little bitch is invading that most manly of places: the garage. ANN Article Will Hello Kitty motor oil really appeal to women? Are we actually going to check the oil level in our cars more often, just hoping we’ll be […]

Awesomest Phone Charms Ever

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Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. >hyperventilates< DO WANT They’re wearing…Space Battleship Yamato uniforms. Apparently Kitty and Yamato share a birthday, their 36th, to be exact. ANN Article My current cell phone actually has a place to put a charm or ten…so I am going to go hit up ebay right now.

Man, She's Got Some Ovaries

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I love Margaret Cho.  When I grow up, I want to BE her.  I didn’t care for her way back when I first heard her because, oh my god!  She’s so…out there!  Nice girls didn’t say that kind of stuff, did they?  When she got her own show, All-American Girl, I watched out of loyalty. […]


Hello Kitty Post # 1

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So, the one thing that makes me sad about having a boy instead of a girl is that he probably won’t be interested in Hello Kitty stuff. But hey, there’s male-oriented Sanrio characters. Like, uh….Keroppi! Yeah, Keroppi. And Chococat. Very manly. And when he gets old enough, we can play the free online Hello Kitty […]

Hallo Kitty Hospital

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I want to have my baby here. Hello Kitty Maternity Hospital First I have to convince my husband to move to Taiwan. Then to wear a Hello Kitty surgical mask in the delivery room. Then to cut the cord with a pair of Hello Kitty scissors. I wonder if all boy babies born at this […]


Helloooooo Kitty! With Bonus Coup d'etat!

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Mwahahahaha! I returned home from Mom’s to discover that the power is back on in our apartment. You know what this means- with Musashi currently powerless, that means I am the new tyrant ruler of Yellow Menace! Mwhahahahahaha! …oh, hi Mazinga. For my first act as tyrant ruler I decree that all my subjects shall […]