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Rock'n'Roll Anime News

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A couple news items about rock’n’roll and anime- Steven Tyler is all set to sing a theme for the new live-action Space Battleship Yamato movie. I have no idea why the Hell the Yamato people thought, “Hey, you know who would be good to write a new song for this movie? Steven Tyler!” I mean, […]

Live-Action Gundam Battle!

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Yesterday, our friends at Daily Bento ( featured this delicious Gundam fan film from back in the day. It recreates an epic mobile suit battle from the show- with people. But they’re not dressed in Gundam costumes, oh no. They’re just wearing clothes  and wielding cardboard weapons. Which somehow makes it more awesome than if […]


The Roof is on Fire

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In America, people’s moms throw out their baseball card collections, which were being stored at their houses even though their kid is 45 years old. The middle-aged kid pisses and moans a bit, but really, very few baseball cards are worth much so it’s soon forgotten. Something similar happens in Japan. Except instead of baseball […]

Gundam director Yoshiyuki Tomino: "…the Odaiba Gundam will serve the same purpose as the Statue of Liberty"

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By now you’ve all seen the 30-meter-tall Gundam statue standing vigil over Odaiba in Tokyo, Japan. Gundam director Yoshiyuki Tomino has too, and he was heaping some pretty high praise on it as well. Tomino was overwhelmed by the eighteen-meter giant robot during a visit prior to the opening of the Green Tokyo Gundam Project […]

Life-Size Gundam in Odaiba!

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Here’s one thing I never understood about any of the Gundam series: you have a 60-foot giant robot painted red, white and blue. You need to hide it, so you park it in a forest and throw a few tree branches over it. And suddenly, no one can see it. I’m not sure what that […]

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