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3D Ghost in the Shell? No, Thanks!

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I seriously don’t get the whole 3D craze. I go to the movies to relax, and dodging virtual crap being flung at my head is not my idea of relaxing. So even though I love Ghost in the Shell more than life itself, no thanks. Solid State Society 3D What are they going to make […]


What Are You Doing Next Weekend?

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So, you might remember that we mentioned local con Sugoicon in the last podcast. Specifically, we’re going to be there- at least, Shapiro Keats and Musashi and I are, and maybe Mazinga will drop by and also Ed, but probably just to make fun of us (I don’t know if Ed’s wife will come, but […]


Yellow Menace Podcast Episode 7: Gen Con 2010 wrap-up, my RPG announcement, and Ghost in the Shell 2.0

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This week we welcome co-editor Gregory ‘Mazinga’ Harris, Patricia ‘AnaKhouri’ Correll, and Ed to put a cap on our Gen Con 2010 coverage. We also have some other convention news, I announce my in-development chambara tabletop RPG, and we pick apart Ghost in the Shell 2.0. (Note: If you dig the podcast, please take a […]


Badass Anime Chicks

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I was listening to Talk of the Nation today (as you do). It seems Thursday’s pressing and relevant news story- I kid, Neil, I love your show- was the Best Female Action Heroes in movies. Theu discussed Ripley from Alien and Sarah Connor from Terminator (obviously) as well as the Bride from Kill Bill and […]

Interview With Live-Action GitS Writer

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I found an interview with Laeta Kalogridis, writer on the live-action Ghost in the Shell movie (I already made fun of her on this site for writing Pathfinder). She doesn’t give us much except the movie is based on the manga and is not a remake of the legendary anime film, and that it is […]

AnaKhouri Goes Nuts

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So I went temporarily out of my mind a couple weeks ago and volunteered to run a panel at an anime convention. This is crazy because I HATE talking in front of people, and I don’t really have time to put a panel together. But they accepted, and Shapiro Keats is going to help, so […]


New Ghost in the Shell Manga

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Lots of news today, but the most exciting  for the Yellow Menace staff is that there are a couple new Ghost in the Shell manga on the horizon: ANN Article Both will be based on the Stand Alone Complex anime; one will follow the Tachikomatic Days shorts about the lovable blue insect-tanks, and the other […]

Two Production I.G. classics – Blood: The Last Vampire and Ghost in the Shell – on Blu-ray November 24th

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Two classics of modern Japanese animation, each a landmark in their own right, will be released on Blu-ray on November 24th, courtesy of Manga Entertainment. I could go on for paragraphs about how awesome these flicks are (and probably already have) but I’ll let the press release speak for itself. Ghost in the Shell 2.0 […]


'Halo: Legends' clarification – Mamoru Oshii not directing…plus – POSTERS!

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Anime News Network reports that Ghost in the Shell director Mamoru Oshii will not be helming one of the shorts directly, but instead will act as ‘Creative Director’ – uhm, which is fine since that’s what he did for Jin-Roh…and that was farking amazing. Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell) is the creative director of […]


Conan O'Brien Dubs GitS

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Conan O’Brien, he of the plastic face, recently took a trip to BangZoom!, an L.A. studio where anime is dubbed. There, he and his pal Andy tried their hands at dubbing Yellow Menace’s favorite movie, Ghost in the Shell. Funny Stuff We’re treated to Batou sounding like the guy from the B-52s, a long conversation […]