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George Takei Wants Asians in Akira For Some Reason

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So, we all know the live-action version of Akira is going to suck balls. There’s no way around it, especiallyconsidering what we discussed on the last podcast (the alleged leaked script) . So while I understand the sentiment, I’m still surprised people are pissed off that it’s probably going to star a bunch of white […]

Yellow to be the 'in' color for 2009

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Man, if this is true – we are In Like Flynn, baby. We’ve been pushing the Yellow Pride thing for almost a decade now (it’s true!) and it looks like the fashion world is finally catching up to us. “I think it’s just the most wonderful symbolic color of the future,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive […]

'Shatz ready to take Takei to the mat

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Considering Star Trek actor George Takei’s recent gay antics, perhaps wrestling references are inappropriate. At any rate, I continue to marvel at William Shatner’s insane rantings regarding the spat between himself and Takei – as I understand it, tensions have existed between the pair for years, but Takei’s recent wedding seems to have put a […]

While You Wait, Read Trashy Magazines!

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I’m afraid you won’t be hearing much from me either, friends- I live near Musashi and have not had power since 3:00 p.m. on Sunday (I’m posting from my Mom’s house!). I don’t mind so much except we went grocery shopping Sunday morning. D’oh! I have given up on the milk, yogurt and meat but […]

Aw, George Takei is Officially Taken

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It seems everyone’s favorite Asian-American actor, George Takei, was first in line to buy a marriage license in California, which recently rescinded a ban on same-sex marriage. Good for him (what a cradle robber though- he’s 71, while his fiance is only 54!). He’s going to be at Dragoncon, which I’ll be attending this year. […]