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I Hear Chicken Little Has a Kickstarter…

Written by Musashi on . Posted in Games, RPGs

Whenever Gen Con rolls around, there’s always an understandable impulse to take the temperature of the gaming industry. If one were to use Gen Con attendance numbers as a metric one could be forgiven for thinking the industry was on a pretty good upward trajectory. Since moving to Indianapolis Gen Con has practically doubled it’s […]

Multitasking at the Table as a Meditative Practice

Written by Pete Figtree on . Posted in Ruthless Gaming, Ruthless Living, The Podcast

Introductions for this podcast are recorded by two shining lights of the gaming community: Rich Rogers of The Canon Puncture Show and of the RPG Crosstalk Podcast. He is also a member of the RPG Crosstalk Forums. Ed Healy of Introductory music of this podcast was written and performed by Hello, the Future! and used by her permission. Buy her wonderful and often […]


Yellow Menace Gamecast 15 – Tenra Bansho Zero with Andy Kitkowski

Written by Ed McW on . Posted in Gamecast, Games, RPGs

Andy Kitkowski joins us to talk about the eagerly-awaited Tenra Bansho Zero and the associated Kickstarter campaign. Special Bonus: ZOMBIE ASS REVIEW! Well, it’s not really a review, since none of us have actually seen ZOMBIE ASS. But we had to talk about it. Because it’s called ZOMBIE ASS. And we love zombies. And ass. […]


Game Chef Review #1 – Farewell, My Dear Post-Apocalypse by William Shattuck

Written by Musashi on . Posted in RPG Reviews, RPGs

After several years of waffling, I finally pulled off an entry for the annual Game Chef contest. As stipulated by the contest rules, entrants are assigned four games to peer-review and recommend for the finals. This is the first of my four reviews. I’ll say this up-front – I’m a total sucker for post-apocalypse scenarios. […]