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Max Blumenthal asks Michelle Malkin to autograph photo of Manzanar detainees

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The ever-witty Max Blumenthal approached Michelle Malkin at the 2007 CPAC conference and asked her to sign a photo of Japanese-American detainees in Manzanar. Malkin’s reaction is predictable, but entertaining (spoiler: it ends in flee-age). Best line: ‘You had to issue errata?’ I have to say it though, Malkin is cute when she’s cornered.

AnaKhouri's Awesome AMVs

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Let’s face it: most anime music videos are crap. They’re badly edited and repetitive and use the same three Linkin Park songs (Full disclosure: I adore Linkin Park. But they have three whole albums of good songs from which to choose). But sometimes you can find a perfect synthesis of music and footage that makes […]

Fetal Heart Custody

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Our friends at have collected an impressive group of Engrish signs for your native English-speaking entertainment: Giant Panda Waiting Area I admit I found the first picture the funniest (maybe just because I’ve been seeing a lot o OB-GYNs lately…and also my sense of humor stopped developing when I was, oh, 4) but I’d […]

The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

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Since there are about 300 remix videos of this on YouTube I’m going to assume most of you have seen it. But I think it’s funny, so I’m posting it anway. You got a problem with that, buck-o? (Sorry – that’s what my mom used to say to me when I got out of line…and […]

Forget Al-Qaida, 4-Chan is the real terrorist threat…

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Boing Boing pointed to a screamingly funny, hyperbolic article over at Fox news about internet meme factory 4Chan – which if you buy Fox’s take is the internet equivalent of Cobra, from G.I. Joe…only run by unruly teenagers. I’m always amused by the reaction of mainstream media when they turn over a rock and find […]

Commercials from the East

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Here are some funny Japanese commercials. Grape Fanta I’m not sure why this commercial should make me want to drink grape Fanta. Mostly it makes me concerned that if I try to open it and drink it, the force of the carbonation would blow my head off. Nintendo DS There is a Japanese dude dressed […]

Porn 101 in Taiwan

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According to Ananova, a Taiwanese university has created a class in analyzing porno films. Article Over 50 students have signed up for the course. And while they’re allowed to leave if some scenes are too explicit for them, no one ever has…well duh, they registered for a porn course! Obviously they want to watch porn! […]


Summoned From Hell: Detroit Metal City

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So the husband and I just watched the first 6 episodes of this anime in one sitting (they’re only 15 minutes long, but that’s still rare for us) and were laughing our heads off the entire time.  The show is SO FRAKKING FUNNY, I’m debating whether I like it more then Metalocalypse (Blasphemy! Sorry, Skwisgard). […]

Rhino Attack!

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If a crazed rhino ever escapes and starts rampaging around, just find some Japanese zoo employees. They will know exactly what to do. Escaped Rhino! Step 1: Get behind a really flimsy net. Step 2: Poke rhino with sticks. Step 3: Throw buckets at it. Step 4: Profit! I mean, shoot it with a tranquilizer […]


Station Cat Promoted to Knight!

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Some time ago I posted about Tama, a cat in Japan who has been granted the title of station master at a small train station. Well, Tama recently got promoted- to SIR TAMA! Sir Tama! While the article refers to Tama as a ‘he’, I have to wonder if someone didn’t do their kitty-sexing homework…since […]