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Want Mech Get Mech

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Gundam Wing is NOT my favorite Gundam show but the Epyon is my favorite Gundam for two simple reasons: It has a fucking whip, and… its face looks like an Akira Toriyama character. Do you want your own giant robot? Of course you do; who doesn’t? Well, if you have a mere $1.3 million gathering […]

Suspicious Stamps Split Sovereigns!

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Ha, some tiny little island around New Zealand issued a stamp celebrating the upcoming wedding of useless English royalty. And it splits down the middle. Like Princess Diana and Prince Charles split, ha. Ha Ha Of course they don’t mean anything by it. Because who would find that suspicious? Some advice for the happy couple, […]

The Yellow Menace…In Action!

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So, we here at Yellow Menace are not particularly politically-minded. And by ‘we’, I mean me. Hell, before all this shit blew up with Libya, all I knew about Libyans was that they killed Doc Brown. “THE LIBYANS!!!!” But this tickled me. Behold, THE YELLOW MENACE in action! Oh SHIT! And some funnier ones: Motherfucking […]

Dango Gonta

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So today I was thinking of Dango Gonta for some reason. Dango Gonta is a supremely weird little shot film by Akitaroh Daichi, an anime director who did Now and Then, Here and There and Jubei-chan. In the film, a kid named Gonta has to take down his nemesis, Garibari (Is that spelled correctly? Who […]


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Win. Win. WIN. South Park + Lovecraft + Totoro This mash-up makes perfect sense, when you think about it. >sigh< I wish I had an Elder God to do my evil bidding…

Live-Action Gundam Battle!

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Yesterday, our friends at Daily Bento ( featured this delicious Gundam fan film from back in the day. It recreates an epic mobile suit battle from the show- with people. But they’re not dressed in Gundam costumes, oh no. They’re just wearing clothes  and wielding cardboard weapons. Which somehow makes it more awesome than if […]


Japanese Men Actually Do Shave

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I found some kind of funny Schick razor commercials from Japan, posted on this blog dedicated to shaving and shaving accessories. Shaving Stuff In other news, there is a blog dedicated to shaving and shaving accessories. I don’t get why the shaving blogger is so mystified; the whole point is that you can shave while […]

Flash game semi-repost of the day

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We’d mentioned Nanaca Crash, a fun little Flash game featuring characters from the Japanese visual novel Cross Channel, in an earlier incarnation of the site, but since we haven’t reposted it at Yellow Menace yet, here goes. Incidentally, my current record is 3699.48 meters.


Panda Bids for FREEEEEEDOM!

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A series of photos captures the daring near-escape of panda cub Wen Li at the Chengdu Giant Panda Research Institute. I guess the researchers now know that panda cubs can escape their cribs like human babies. FREEDOM! Researchers have also decided that pandas breed infrequently because they are too damn exhausted taking care of one […]

Off-Topic: Thank You Larry Flynt

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I’ve gone on-call at the bookstore where I used to work, and last night was my first night back. I got to have this great conversation: Co-worker: “AnaKhouri, there is a customer on the phone who wants this movie…” >consults slip of paper< “‘Nailin’ Palin’. Do we have it?” Me: “…that’s a PORNO. Um, don’t […]