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North Korea gets first burger joint, first lifestyle-related heart attack to follow in 2014

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South Korea’s commie neighbors can now enjoy hamburgers like the rest of the civilized world, although it’s a treat that will likely remain unattainable for most of the population. Burger joint Samtaeseong recently opened in Pyongyang, although ‘hamburgers’ aren’t listed on the menu – probably so as to stave off the effects of contagious Western […]

'Extinct' bird eaten in Philippines

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When a recent documentary film crew found a living specimen of the supposedly exctinct Worcester’s Buttonquail, the bird (once photographed for posterity) – was whisked off and eaten, no doubt served up in a tasty adobo with garlic rice and tapa.  Alas, the Worcester’s Buttonquail is considered tasty in those parts. After its first recorded […]

Hindu nationalist group to market soda made from cow urine

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Today’s Whaddafuck award goes to the Indian Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, a Hindu nationalist group that plans to develop and sell a soft-drink made from bovine wee-wee. I’m trying to be fairly open-minded about this, because god knows I’ve eaten some wierd shit in my lifetime…but you’ve got to wonder about a religion that eschews killing cows […]


Did General Tso ever eat 'General Tso's Chicken'?

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  As my brother and I tucked into some Chinese carryout the other night, he asked me in a matter-of-fact manner ‘Was there actually a General Tso?’ The answer is ‘Yes’, there was a General Tso. In reality, Tso was General Zuo Zongtang – his name was shortened to ‘Tso’ for the European roundeyes he […]


Fugu fears ferment food frenzy

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The naughty blowfish strikes again! A half-dozen Japanese people have been stricken ill after consuming poisonous blowfish testicles (blowfish have testicles?) at an unlicensed fugu eatery in Tsuruoka. Gack! They were treated at a hospital for numbness in the hands and legs and other symptoms. One of them was in a critical condition on Tuesday. […]

Bizarre Foods' Andrew Zimmern eats a lot of penis

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My five-year-old son has some pretty eclectic taste in television – for a five-year-old anyway. His three favorite shows are Man vs. Wild, Taboo, and Bizarre Foods – although I can see a pretty common theme running through them (namely, watching people do fucked up things – usually with entertaining results). Last night we watched […]

That's a Big Tuna

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A huge-ass tuna fish was sold for $100, 000 in Japan today. Damn! Those guys love their fish but…seriously. I guess $100, 000 compared to the tuna that cost 20 million yen in 2001. I mean, it’s a big tuna and all, and I bet it made great sushi, but how much did the restaurant […]

Hentai-inspired soda features best tagline ever: 'You've Been GRAPED!'

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Ah, nothing says ‘thirst quenching’ like a woman in danger of being penetrated by lascivious tentacles. Indeed, one wonders if ‘Tentacle Grape‘, the new soda being marketed as THE MOST DELICIOUS HENTAI SODA ON THE MARKET, is more effective as a conversation piece than a soft drink. And the price, $15.99 for a six-pack of […]


Okay, so Chinese people DO eat cats…

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I always bristle whenever a friend of mine makes an offhand comment about Chinese restaurants and their supposed use of cat-meat. Aside from being vaguely racist, it’s a joke that has clearly run its’ course. Of course, there are some people in China who actually do eat cats – just as there are Koreans that […]

Round-eyes no longer welcome at Tsukiji fish market

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…at least for the next month or so. Vendors at the previously tourist-friendly market complained that a recent influx of foreigners has made it difficult to carry out business. The increased popularity of sushi and news of the market’s incipient closure seem to be factors in the wave of tourists that led to the moratorium. […]