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Mary Marvel

GenCon Day 3: Saturday

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SHAZAM! Saturday morning I dragged myself out of bed early again; my first panel wasn’t until 9 but my Saturday costume hairdo took even longer than my Friday costume hairdo. It was a brand-new shiny costume, too: original Mary Marvel, red dress, white cape, Mary Tyler Moore flip and all. I even packed Tawky Tawny […]


Yellow Menace at the Cincinnati Comic Expo

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The entire Yellow Menace staff will be attending the Cincinnati Comic Expo tomorrow (Saturday, September 18th), which is being held at the Cintas Center on the campus of Xavier University. Lots of industry folk will be there, and there will be something of a gaming presence as well thanks to the sponsorship of local game […]


Gen Con Indy 2010 preview

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With Gen Con Indy 2010 less than a week away,  I thought it would be good to provide a rundown of what we’re looking forward to checking out at the con – while many think of Gen Con solely as a tabletop gaming convention, the truth is that Gen Con has a lot to offer […]


Yellow Menace at Gen Con!

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As we’ve mentioned previously, most of the Yellow Menace staff (including yours truly) will be in Indianapolis, Indiana this weekend attending the world’s largest gaming convention, Gen Con! Regular posting will be light, but we anticipate reporting from the convention floor throughout the weekend. We already have a few interviews lined up and will probably […]


Olivia Munn weighs in on San Diego ComiCon

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Yeah, I’m pretty tired of hearing ComiCon news – since I won’t be there (grrrrr…). For you lucky bastards who are attending, Olivia Munn has some advice on what to check out. The list is a little Attack of the Show-centric (duh!), and a little  obvious. (‘Dont miss the panels!’) But it is Olivia Munn, […]

What are you doing for the 4th of July?

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If you live anywhere near me, in Southwestern, Ohio, chances are you’ll be sitting indoors watching it rain, shaking your fist indignantly skyward in an impotent display of rage, and damning the sky-gods for ruining your holiday weekend. So – when you’re done doing that (and assuming the sky gods haven’t roasted you with a […]