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One Million…Jellyfish !

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Here’s something cool: an entire lake packed with jellyfish, in the Philippines. Apparently these guys got cut off when the continents were shifting around the lake separated from the Pacific Ocean. Best of all, you can swim with them- their stingers are no longer dangerous! Neat! I for one welcome out brainless, squishy overlords.


Now That's What I Call a Ray

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A British guy in Thailand hooked a stingray that was roughly 7″ by 7″ and weighed 55 stone- in normal language, that’s 770 pounds! Monster Ray Pic Once on Iron Chef the secret ingredient was stingray meat from the ‘wings’…and that shit looked disgusting. It was all gray and greasy.  Fortunately, this giant ray was […]


Can Totoro save Japan's ecosystem?

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When I think of ways to save Japan’s environment, I think you could do no better than to turn to a large animal of questionable taxonomy – namely Totoro! Kids love him – and if he orders them to save the trees, by god they’ll do it. “There are some really quite dramatic changes in […]