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New to Netflix – Craptacularity Edition

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Fans of shitty martial arts flicks will want to check out three new offerings on Netflix’s Instant Watch service – the first two, Kickboxer 3 and 4, are probably not worth mentioning – but Yossi Wein’s Ninja-sploitation flick Lethal Ninja looks like an amazing piece of craptacular cheese. Ninjas on rollerskates? Hot damn! Trailers and/or […]


Toriyama: "Huh?"

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How do you get your crappy live-action version of an incredibly popular anime to sound like it just might not be a total train wreck? Get the original manga’s creator to say a really fake-sounding quote about how it might not be too bad after all! Toriyama Speaks! As the original creator, I had a […]

Ayumi Hamasaki Does DB:E Theme Song

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So, with our relentless chronicling of the train wreck that is Dragonball: Evolution, I couldn’t ignore the news that J-pop igol Ayumi Hamasaki is doing the film’s theme song, “Rule”. ANN Article Lucky her. This is definitely a movie I would want my shot at international stardom to be linked with. Hamasaki, who will be […]

'Dragonball' has evolved – into poop

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I finally figured out why the live-action Dragonball movie bothers me so much. Dragonball is inherently goofy. I mean, really balls-to-the-walls nutty. Director Morgan Wong’s take on the material takes itself waaay to seriously, at least from what I’ve seen in the trailer(s).

Entertainment Weekly wants to know about your fanfic addiction

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If I were to rate weekly Entertainment rags, I’d have to place Entertainment Weekly somehwere between my last tooth extraction and a garden-hose colonoscopy – so when said publication solicits comments from the intarwebs about fanfic, I don’t know whether to laugh or shudder. Then I consider the possibility that this could be an exemplary […]

'Seven Samurai' set for subsequent sodomizing

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io9 posted a tidbit today that Seven Samurai is receiving a sci-fi facelift from a certain Shane Salerno (no, I’m not familiar with him either, although io9 claims he penned the Shaft remake – which I quite liked actually). And no, this isn’t the other remake they keep talking about. I could probably work up […]

SciFi Channel doesn't totally suck in July

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I hate the SciFi Channel – I really do. As a lifelong sci-fi geek, I should be totally into something called the ‘SciFi Channel’. But instead of discussions about genre greats like Asimov or Clarke, or documentaries about great science fiction film, we get endless retreads of B-list shit like Mansquito or Alien Apocalypse. Every […]


Yaoi Menace: Oh God, My Eyes!

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[rating:1] Well friends, this may very well be the last edition of Yaoi Menace. I think I found the book that will put me off the genre forever. Yaoi: Anthology of Boys’ Love Volume 1 from Yaoi Press is a collection of three short stories brought to life by international teams of writers and artists. […]