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YM Photo Essay: Sugoicon 2010

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The last year I attended Sugoicon was 2007. I remember not enjoying it very much; the venue was small, there were far too many hysterical teenagers and most of the panels were not well-run. I am not sure what happened since then: either the con has improved, or taking a break from the anime con […]


AnaKhouri Does Anime Punch

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Here are my weekend plans: Saturday = Anime Punch in Columbus, Ohio. Shapiro Keats and I are actually running a panel: “Unraveling the Ghost in the Shell Universe”. So if any readers are going (you may already be there…no, it’s 8 a.m., probably not) check us out! The panel is Saturday from 5 p.m. to […]

Gen Con 2008 roundup

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I’m knee-deep in uploading media to Flickr and YouTube from this week’s Gathering ‘o Geeks, Gen Con Indy, and thought I’d sum up the high points of the convention. Before I get started, though, I should mention that most of the (presentable) photos I took this weekend are now available for your perusal at our […]


Gen Con – Day 1 report

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Image via Wikipedia First off, I have a confession to make – I basically did jack-nothing related to the site today, insofar as the convention is concerned. Okay, that’s not totally accurate. I did chat a few people up (more on that in a sec) and snagged a Blue Dragon t-shirt from the Konami people. […]