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Movie Review – Dredd 3D

Written by Musashi on . Posted in Film, Film Reviews

10 years from now, fandom’s failure to support Dredd 3D will be seen as a cock-up of Firefly-level proportions. Coming out of the theater I was acutely aware of the film’s dismal box office performance and profoundly sad that I had likely seen the one and only shot Karl Urban will get at filling Judge […]

Versions of Supers: Using Heroclix in the Classroom

Written by Pete Figtree on . Posted in Reflections on Things Tried, The Possibilities, Uncategorized

     TEACHERS: STEAL MY PPT PRESENTATION BELOW.      As I write this post, I am in the middle of grading the essays to which it refers.  I suppose this post is an example of noble procrastination.      One of the thematic units that my textbook prescribes is about HEROES.  That, of course, means that at some point […]

Disney Buys Marvel

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Disney Corp. is buying out Marvel Comics. Some random thoughts… 1.) Pixar Marvel flicks? Yes, please… 2.) Incredibles: The Comic? Yes, please… 3.) The chance that any forthcoming Marvel superhero pics will suck just quadrupeled. And yes, this includes Iron Man 2 and any of the other proposed Avengers tie-ins. 4.) Mickey Mouse gets an […]


Olivia Munn weighs in on San Diego ComiCon

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Yeah, I’m pretty tired of hearing ComiCon news – since I won’t be there (grrrrr…). For you lucky bastards who are attending, Olivia Munn has some advice on what to check out. The list is a little Attack of the Show-centric (duh!), and a little  obvious. (‘Dont miss the panels!’) But it is Olivia Munn, […]

Batman in tagalog – still better than Schumacher

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Sorry, io9 – Schumacher still has the distinction of having made the worst Batman movie ever. You can’t honestly tell me that the 1993 Filipino production Alyas Batman En Robin is less entertaining than Batman & Robin. I mean, really…check out the $20 patio furniture Batman offers his guests. That’s straight gangsta. More clips at […]


Wired on Christopher Handley lolicon plea

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Wired posted a brief analysis of the obscenity charges brought against U.S. manga collector Christopher Handley, who was arrested for trafficking in ‘obscene visual representations of the sexual abuse of children’, aka smutty manga. AnaKhouri has blogged about this in the past, so I won’t gild the lily so-to-speak, but Wired’s piece is worth checking […]

Eisner Noms Include Much Manga

Written by AnaKhouri on . Posted in Manga

Yay Eisner Award nominees. Nominee List There is lots of manga on the list. In fact, I didn’t know this, but there is an entire category just for Best Presentation of a Japanese Manga in English. Or something like that. Here’s the manga nominees if you don’t feel like scanning the whole thing: For Best […]

'Wolverine' sequel heads East?

Written by Musashi on . Posted in Film

X-Men / Wolverine star Hugh Jackman (and Sexiest Man Alive, apparently) was blabbering to MTV and made some off-hand comments regarding the setting of a possible Wolverine sequel. “The most intriguing thing to me was the Japan story. I love the Japan story. I wanted to do the Japan story from around X-Men 2.” He […]

Let Me Marry a Fictional Character!

Written by AnaKhouri on . Posted in Manga

A Japanese man wants to marry an unnamed comic book character, and have it all nice and legal. Seriously… That’s a good idea, because I bet those superhero leagues have great insurance and if you’re legally married you can get on the plan! If this law is passed, I can move to Japan and marry […]


Manga link in Italian sex-murder incident?

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Man, if you believe the headlines these days, it looks like Japanese comics are the new video games. Prosecutors making the case against a pair of Italian students indicted in the murder of 21-year old Meredith Kercher made sideline allegations that the killers may have drawn inspiration from the manga Blood: The Last Vampire. While […]


Wendy Pini talks yaoi manga

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Deb Aoki, who writes’s manga blog, recently chatted with Elfquest creator Wendy Pini about her online yaoi adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe’s Masque of the Red Death. Plague victims and man-love – yummy! Here’s a brief excerpt: Q: How long have you been thinking about doing this story? Wendy Pini: I first floated out […]