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China Roundup

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A roundup of China news from CNN: 1 Child Rule Out the Window? I realize some people want more than one kid (God knows why…can you enlighten us, Musashi?   ^_^  ), but China had a good idea: limit the population to what you can afford. The last thing the world needs is MORE people. Maybe […]


Morrissey, dude – WTF?

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Okay – two things. I’m a lifelong Smiths fan (well, since the mid-80′s, which is probably a lifetime to most of you)…also, I can personally confirm that Morrissey is kind of a prick (went to see him in the early 90′s and he walked off-stage about two songs into his set because he got offended […]


MSG: Nutritional nuisance or good eats?

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My wife swears that MSG gives her headaches. Frankly, my wife gives me headaches when she starts whining about the level of MSG in her Chinese food…because for all the noise generated about MSG’s supposedly harmful effects, nobody has been able to definitively determine that MSG – eaten in normal amounts – causes any physiological […]

Shan clan plans computer-friendly monogram

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The Shan family in Shangdong province, China have been forced to choose a new family name – thanks to computers which can’t render the character necessary to spell their name. The residents had no problem when identity cards, driving licenses and other documents could be handwritten, but now they have to be printed using computers, […]


Dyed Doggies in China

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OK, listen up, Hollywood starlets and people with more money than sense: dogs are not made to wear clothes. They are not made to be rainbow colors. They do not like riding in strollers or in your luggage-sized purse. Dogs are made to roll in dirt and eat their own vomit and slobber all over […]


9-Day Traffic Jam in Mongolia

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I thought traffic was bad in the place where I used to live- a small city that had outgrown its britches, and had not been designed to handle urban sprawl- resulting in tedious traffic jams (it didn’t help that the majority of the inhabitants there are retarded monkeys who would never use their damn blinkers, […]


China has coffin-dwellings now, too.

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One of the most enduring images in William Gibson’s Neuromancer was Case’s oh-so-homey coffin hotel capsule – which became even cooler when you found out Japan actually had such things. Well, now that China’s economy has surpassed Japan’s, they’re looking to get in on the whole ultra-spartan living craze. But instead of being inhabited by […]


World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King cleared for Chinese launch – 2 years after the Western release

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One wonders what the Chinese government felt was so galling about the original release of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King that it was held up for 2 years. If Chinagame is correct, it mainly looks to be a bunch of aesthetic issues (apparently the Chinese don’t like undead dragons or randomly placed […]

Bad Chinese Media! Bad!

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China’s culture minister is pissed that his country’s media has become sensationalist and vulgar. Cai Wu said many Chinese publications were full of gossip and sensational stories advocating money-worship. He accused regional governments of spending money on “vanity projects” instead of basic cultural facilities. So, basically China is turning into the U.S….? BBC Article


You can’t buy an Xbox 360 in the country in which it was manufactured

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Did you know videogame consoles are illegal in China? I didn’t; Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft explains why. “Consoles have been banned in China since the year 2000,” Lisa Hanson from market researcher Niko Partners tells Kotaku. “The government thought that was the best way to protect Chinese youth from wasting their minds on video games, after […]