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Off-topic: The best kids show on television…Adventure Time!

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One of the things I hate about kids television programming is that kid’s shows rarely deal with how kids’ minds actually work. Typically, kid’s programming is designed to teach kids oversimplifed moral lessons or how to be a fully functional member of society (‘share your stuff’, ‘disabled people aren’t monsters’, ‘Queso is Spanish for Cheese‘) […]


Goodbye, Jin and Sun…

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If you have friends who watch Lost, you’re probably really tired of hearing them drone on endlessly about every twist and turn the covoluted plot takes and how ‘deep’ the show is. I am, to some degree, one of those friends. I’m probably not quite as bad as the example I just gave; I keep […]

Daniel Dae Kim is Chin Ho

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Hrm – I didn’t even know that CBS was prepping a Hawaii Five-O remake, but I’m a huge Lost fan so hearing that Daniel Dae Kim (who plays Jin on said show) is booked to replace the departed Kam Fong is a big plus. Growing up in the 70′s, I watched a fair amount of […]

Bobby Lee's Super Sweet 30th

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I don’t have a lot of reasons to mourn the passing of Mad TV, but one of the few is that I can’t see Bobby Lee make an ass of himself every Saturday night. Check out this clip – Bobby’s parents rule. His dad is one tough man.

Ming-Na: Super Hot Space Lesbian

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I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a big fan of Stargate SG-1 / Atlantis / Etc. but I am a fan of hot Ming-Na girl-on-girl action. I’m also a Robert Carlyle fan. So you can imagine that despite my reservations, I’m actually interested in tomorrow night’s premiere of Stargate: Universe. Honestly, I’m actually looking for […]


Remembering Thuy Trang, Power Ranger

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Thuy Trang died eight years ago this September. Most people wouldn’t know that name, and who could blame them. Her career – such that it was – lasted a mere eight years, beginning with a role in the inaugural season of Fox’s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and ending in a bit part in The Crow: […]

'Big Brother 11' contestant describes self as 'blackanese', 'ghetto'

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Big Brother season 11 contestant Kevin Campbell (and this season’s token gay guy) describes himself as ‘blackanese’ in his official BB bio. I don’t really have a problem with that, actually. My kids are one-quarter Filipino, one-half black, and one-quarter Irish…so you can imagine the racially insensitive discussions I have with my wife at home. […]