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Community Voices: Paul Czege’s Five Important Acts For Unlocking Your Creativity

Written by Pete Figtree on . Posted in Community Voices: Top Five Lists, Guest Posts, Ruthless Learning, Ruthless Living

Meet Paul  Paul Czege is an artful and iconoclastic designer of roleplaying and storytelling games. He has been awarded the Diana Jones Award for Gaming Excellence, the Indie RPG of the Year Award, and the Out of the Box “Best Sui Generis RPG” award. His game My Life with Master is profiled in Hobby Games: The 100 Best, and has […]


Ukiyo-e Heroes – Delicious Reinterpretations of Our Favorite Video Game Characters

Written by Steph on . Posted in Video Games

If someone out there is making something or being even vaguely creative, there’s a better-than-average chance that I’ll be stupidly excited about it.  When that something is blisteringly awesome in the extreme, I generally flop around in paroxysms of joy for a while before telling everyone I know about it.   I encountered the Ukiyo-e Heroes […]


Want Mech Get Mech

Written by AnaKhouri on . Posted in Toys & Gadgets

Gundam Wing is NOT my favorite Gundam show but the Epyon is my favorite Gundam for two simple reasons: It has a fucking whip, and… its face looks like an Akira Toriyama character. Do you want your own giant robot? Of course you do; who doesn’t? Well, if you have a mere $1.3 million gathering […]


Chinese Camo Painting

Written by AnaKhouri on . Posted in News of the World

Can you see the Chinese man in these pictures? Camo Paintings! His art looks like the thermoptic camouflage in Ghost in the Shell, where you wouldn’t notice it unless you were looking. It’s pretty sweet- though that soda aisle in the first pictures is the really shocking thing. Look at all those different kinds!

Murakami on CNN (The Other Murakami)

Written by AnaKhouri on . Posted in Pictures

CNN has a quasi-interesting article on Takashi Murakami today- he of the ‘jacking-off anime character sculpture’ fame. Article Sure, his stuff might be kind of head-scratching (sneakers encrusted in diamonds?) and tacky-looking, but at least it’s not sharks in formaldehyde or Jesus made out of rotting ground beef. I know art is always evolving and […]


Takashi Murakami only made $3.4 million last year…

Written by Musashi on . Posted in Pictures

Japanese pop-artist Takashi Murakami will soon be living on skid row, with an annual income that barely scratches $3.5 million dollars. Seriously, Takashi – that’s a fuckton of money. I’m sure you’ll find a way to cope with your reduced income. But the real story here is that his previous year’s income was $8 million…that’s […]


Artist Profile: Tony DeZuniga, co-creator of Jonah Hex

Written by Musashi on . Posted in Pictures

This weekend’s release of the Jonah Hex film prompted me to consider the man who helped create the character, Filipino comic-book artist Tony DeZuniga. Unbeknownst to many American comic book fans, Filipinos have had a huge influence on mainstream comics – Ernie Chan, Alex Niño, Carlo Pagulayan, Whilce Portacio, Nesto Redonodo, Romeo Tanghal, and Lenil […]