Swords and Wizardry Appreciation Day Limericks

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The gaming group came to an impasse

A rule was debated with much sass

Player said, “TAKE A LOOK.”


Said GM, “I make rulings, you jackass.”



My attributes were rolled one-by-one

In order until I was done

My Cleric was so weak

Two HP at his peak

Thank goodness that dying was fun



She has a +4 Saving Throw

Bravely to adventure she’ll go 

The Halfling’s end will be tragic

When she tries to use magic

Instead of just aiming her bow


Thank you to Swords and Wizardry for bringing back feelings of wonder from my youth. I felt them just reading the book.






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Pete Figtree

Pete Figtree

I am a father, a teacher, and a gamer. I believe that games can give us some keen insights into our lives, and I know that they can encourage and foster friendships and community. Ruthless Diastema: Loading the Dice for a Meaningful Life
Pete Figtree

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