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Tracy Barnett Gets His Fiction On

A fellow educator, game designer, and writer is writing a novel that sounds wowzers!

On the Kickstarter page, Tracy Barnett of Sand and Steam Productions introduces the project by asking us a question:

“A novel set on a backdrop of Norse myth and epic fantasy. When you have the spirit of a Valkyrie, what will you do with it?”

And, there is more to kill curiosity’s cat in regard to the origin of this unique story:

“As part of the recent Kickstarter for Apotheosis Drive X, I pitched a setting idea – Bones of the Earth: Norse mythology meets giant mechs. The idea won’t leave me alone. I decided to take the setting hack and make it into something more. It became Iron Edda. And as part of Iron Edda, I’m writing this novel.”

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? 

Tracy has an outline of the entire project on the Kickstarter page.

Tristan Tarwater Working on More Awesomeness

“I’m working on the manuscript for the third book, going to Geek Girl Con in October, and hopefully getting some comics done this year. I’m also going to have a short story in an anthology, ‘Allegories of the Tarot,’ edited by Annetta Ribken.”  

I can’t wait. Tristan was the featured writer at the first two Ruthless Book Club Hangouts, and she was great.

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